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Velmie’s Revolutionary Software: A New Dawn for Real Estate Investment

In the rapidly evolving landscape of real estate syndicated investments, a technological breakthrough has emerged. Velmie, a leader in wealth management technology, has unveiled a software platform poised to transform the U.S. real estate syndicated investment sector. This platform, embodying cutting-edge technologies, is not just a tool but a harbinger of digital transformation in the realm of investment.

Velmie’s Technological Leap

The heart of this revolution lies in the new software platform by Velmie, built with an eye towards scalability, efficiency, and agility. Utilizing Golang and Flutter, and underpinned by a scalable microservices architecture, this platform is a beacon of innovation.

Key Features and Advantages:
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  • White-Label Mobile Applications: Designed for both iOS and Android, these apps enhance customer experience and simplify the investment process.
  • Tailored for US Real Estate Market: The platform addresses the specificities of the U.S. real estate sector, offering bespoke solutions.
  • Operational Excellence: The platform equips syndicated investment firms with tools that drive operational efficiency and competitive advantage.

Collaborations and Integrations

Velmie’s journey doesn’t stop at the platform. Their collaboration with ResClub, an investment company from Florida, has led to the creation of the 8ghtX App. This app is a blend of banking and investment, available on both Google Play and the App Store, marking a significant milestone in fintech innovation.

The 8ghtX App – A Fusion of Banking and Investment
  • Comprehensive Features: The app integrates banking services with investment opportunities, offering features like deposits, withdrawals, investments, and fund transfers.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Built with Angular and Flutter, it provides a seamless user experience.
  • Security and Ease of Transactions: The app addresses critical aspects like security, transactional ease, speed, and integration within the ecosystem.
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Velmie’s Impact on Fintech Development

As a fintech software development company, Velmie’s prowess extends beyond this platform. They specialize in various fintech areas, from digital banking to wealth management. Their modular software platform and agile development methodologies highlight their capability to deliver tailored, secure, and compliant fintech solutions.


Velmie’s new software platform and the 8ghtX App represent a significant leap forward in the fintech and real estate investment sectors. Their commitment to innovation, customer experience, and operational excellence sets a new standard in the industry, signaling a transformative era in syndicated investments.

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