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Marqeta Partners with OakNorth to Launch Commercial Card Services for UK SMEs

In a significant move for the UK’s fintech landscape, Marqeta, an American financial technology firm, has partnered with OakNorth, a British digital-focused bank, to offer commercial cards specifically designed for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). This collaboration aims to address the growing demand among SMEs for more efficient and user-friendly banking tools, promising to enhance their financial operations and access to capital. This initiative marks a pivotal step in adapting to the evolving needs of modern businesses, emphasizing innovation in the commercial banking sector.

Background of Companies


Founded in 2010 and based in Oakland, California, Marqeta has emerged as a key player in the global payments platform arena. It specializes in providing businesses with the ability to issue personalized and flexible payment cards that cater to specific needs. Marqeta’s technology platform features powerful APIs that allow companies to develop and manage their own payment programs in a highly customizable manner, thus facilitating unique solutions for transaction processing.


Established in 2015 and headquartered in London, OakNorth Bank has carved a niche in providing financial services tailored to the underserved SME sector. The bank utilizes its proprietary OakNorth Analysis & Lending Platform to deliver faster loan decisions and more competitive credit solutions, focusing on helping small businesses achieve their growth objectives. This approach has distinguished OakNorth as a critical supporter of SMEs in the UK, driving innovation in business banking.

Details of the Partnership

The strategic alliance between Marqeta and OakNorth brings a tailored financial product to the UK’s SME sector: commercial cards that combine flexibility with robust financial control features. These cards are designed to streamline spending and simplify financial management, thereby enabling SMEs to focus more on growth and less on administrative overheads. Marqeta’s technology allows for real-time tracking and control of transactions, which are critical features for SMEs managing tight budgets. The partnership not only leverages Marqeta’s cutting-edge card issuing platform but also integrates with OakNorth’s strong analytical capabilities to offer a product that is both innovative and directly responsive to the unique challenges faced by SMEs.

“We’re proud to work closely with our customers to build a highly tailored solution that fits the unique needs of their business. We selected Marqeta because of its innovative approach to building a card program that would enable us to create a bespoke experience for our customers and support them in their growth ambitions.”

Kristjan Kaar, Chief Product Officer, OakNorth

““Traditional banking products aren’t always a fit for the specific needs of small and medium-sized businesses, lacking the flexibility that they need in pivotal periods of growth and expecting them to fit into a one-size-fits-all solution. OakNorth Bank knows the complexities facing SMEs today, and by partnering with Marqeta, will be able to provide their customers with commercial cards with customisable controls that help to limit spending and give customers a full view of expenses, along with tools to help them invest more in their business. With Marqeta’s single global platform, we can support OakNorth as the bank continues to grow and expand into new markets, ensuring customers have the same bespoke experience and control of their program as it scales.”

Todd Pollak, Chief Revenue Officer, Marqeta

Impact on the Market

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The introduction of commercial cards by Marqeta and OakNorth is set to have a substantial impact on the UK’s SME landscape. By providing tools that offer both convenience and control, this partnership addresses a critical gap in the market for business-specific financial solutions. The collaboration could shift market dynamics by setting a new standard for what businesses expect from their financial services providers. It also places pressure on traditional banks and other fintech competitors to innovate further to retain their SME customers. This move is expected to enhance the competitive edge of SMEs by offering them financial solutions that were previously accessible only to larger corporations.

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Technological Integration and Innovation

The partnership between Marqeta and OakNorth highlights significant technological integration, leveraging Marqeta’s platform that specializes in end-to-end payment innovations. This platform enables not just customized card controls but also sophisticated reporting tools which are crucial for SMEs aiming to optimize their financial strategies. The collaboration is set to introduce features like enhanced fraud protection, spending limits, and real-time notifications, all integral for managing business expenses effectively. Such innovations are critical as they provide SMEs with tools previously reserved for larger corporations, thereby democratizing advanced financial technologies.

Future Outlook

The strategic partnership between Marqeta and OakNorth signals a forward-looking approach to financial services, where technology and convenience are paramount. Looking ahead, this collaboration could pave the way for further innovations, such as the integration of artificial intelligence to enhance credit decision-making or the use of blockchain for increased transaction security. Additionally, there is potential for geographic expansion, bringing similar services to other markets with substantial SME sectors, thereby broadening the impact of this fintech synergy.


The Marqeta and OakNorth partnership represents a significant advancement in the provision of specialized financial tools for SMEs in the UK. By offering commercial cards that combine real-time financial management with enhanced security features, this collaboration is set to empower small and medium-sized businesses, enabling them to operate with the same efficiency and strategic insight as larger enterprises. As this partnership matures, it will likely serve as a benchmark in the banking industry, demonstrating the critical role of innovative financial solutions in supporting business growth and economic development.

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