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Seoul FinTech Lab: Fostering Future Unicorns


Seoul Fintech Lab, backed by the Seoul Metropolitan Government, stands as a leading fintech startup support organization in South Korea. Established in 2018, it has since become a pivotal force in nurturing the fintech ecosystem in Seoul. The Lab is now gearing up for its ‘Performance Sharing Meeting and Fintech Year-End Greeting Event’ in collaboration with the Korea Fintech Industry Association, setting the stage for a convergence of innovation and enterprise.

Background of Seoul Fintech Lab

1. Establishment and Growth

  • Founded in 2018 with the initial support for 14 companies, Seoul Fintech Lab has significantly expanded its scope.
  • It now houses 100 startups and has played a crucial role in the growth of over 250 fintech startups.

2. Support and Impact

  • The Lab’s unique support programs have been instrumental in navigating the challenges of the pandemic and economic downturns.
  • Its diverse support includes office space provisions, promotional support, networking opportunities, and practical training programs.
  • These initiatives have contributed to a consistent increase in annual revenue for the Lab and its resident companies.
Seoul FinTech Lab

Upcoming Seoul Fintech Lab Event Overview

1. Event Details

  • The ‘Seoul Fintech Lab Performance Sharing Meeting and Fintech Year-End Greeting Event’ is scheduled to take place at the WeWork Yeouido Station branch, on the 20th-floor lounge.
  • This event marks a significant milestone, celebrating the achievements of the Lab and its startups in 2023.
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2. Objectives and Expectations

  • The event aims to provide a platform for sharing successes and fostering communication among startups and related organizations.
  • It’s an opportunity to showcase the growth and achievements of resident companies in 2023.

Success Stories of Participating Startups

1. Notable Achievements

  • Startups like Habit Factory have shown remarkable growth, with significant increases in revenue and successful funding rounds.
  • Other examples include Funderful‘s expansion in foreign investment and Moin‘s emergence as a B2B fintech specialist.

2. Impact on the Fintech Sector

  • These success stories exemplify the dynamic nature of Seoul’s fintech sector and the tangible impact of the Lab’s support.

Seoul Fintech Lab’s Support Programs

1. Diverse Support Mechanisms

  • The Lab offers a comprehensive range of services, from mentoring and financial regulation assistance to global acceleration and international expansion support.
  • Unique initiatives, such as collaboration with Eugene Investment & Securities and Hana Bank, highlight the Lab’s commitment to advancing fintech technology.

2. Promoting Growth and Innovation

  • By providing tailored growth support programs, Seoul Fintech Lab is actively working towards producing fintech unicorns by 2030.
  • Their efforts reflect a broader ambition to enhance Seoul’s global standing in the fintech industry.

Future Prospects and Strategies

1. Vision for 2030

  • Seoul Fintech Lab is steadfast in its goal to foster fintech unicorns by 2030. This ambition is not just about scaling individual companies but also about elevating Seoul as a global fintech hub.

2. Developing Tailored Programs

  • In line with this vision, the Lab is continuously innovating its support programs. The focus is on providing the most suitable growth avenues for fintech startups, paving the way for future unicorns.
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3. Global Expansion and Collaboration

  • The Lab’s strategies include enhancing global acceleration programs and fostering international collaborations. This approach is aimed at providing Seoul-based fintech startups with a competitive edge on the global stage.

Impact on Seoul’s Fintech Ecosystem

1. Boosting the Local Economy

  • The Lab’s initiatives significantly contribute to the local economy, with startups showing substantial growth in revenue and global reach.

2. Attracting Global Attention

  • The success of these startups and the Lab’s innovative programs are placing Seoul on the global fintech map, attracting international investors and partners.

3. Creating a Sustainable Ecosystem

  • The holistic approach of Seoul Fintech Lab, which covers everything from mentoring to global expansion, is creating a sustainable and self-reinforcing fintech ecosystem in Seoul.


1. Recap of the Lab’s Achievements

  • The ‘Performance Sharing Meeting and Fintech Year-End Greeting Event’ not only celebrates the achievements of the past year but also sets the tone for future endeavors.

2. The Road Ahead

  • The future looks promising for Seoul Fintech Lab and its startups, with innovative strategies and support systems in place to navigate the evolving global fintech landscape.

3. Final Reflections

  • As Seoul Fintech Lab continues to champion fintech innovation, its impact extends beyond individual startups, contributing to Seoul’s growing reputation as a leading global fintech center.
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