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Dutch Fintech Levenue Acquires Swiss-Based MidFunder to Accelerate Growth in the Swiss Market

In a strategic move that underscores the dynamic nature of the fintech industry, Dutch-based Levenue has announced the acquisition of Zurich-based MidFunder. This acquisition marks a significant step in Levenue’s expansion strategy, particularly in the Swiss market, and highlights the growing trend of revenue-based financing (RBF) solutions across Europe.

Background of the Companies

Levenue, headquartered in Breda, The Netherlands, is a pioneering revenue-based financing company founded in 2021. It has rapidly emerged as a leading player in the RBF space, operating across 16 European countries. Levenue’s innovative platform enables subscription-based companies to leverage forecasted cash flows from existing subscriptions as collateral for non-dilutive financing. To date, Levenue has facilitated over €300 million in financing for more than 500 companies, demonstrating its significant impact on the European fintech landscape.

MidFunder, on the other hand, is a Zurich, Switzerland-based fintech company founded in 2020 by entrepreneurs Patrick Frei and Pascal Schumperli. MidFunder specializes in providing non-dilutive capital to digital businesses, addressing the critical need for more accessible financing options. The company has distinguished itself by offering rapid assessments and funding to companies, a process that typically takes less than a week.

Levenue and MidFunder Join Forces to Revolutionize Revenue-Based Financing

Strategic Implications of the Acquisition

The acquisition of MidFunder by Levenue is more than a mere expansion of portfolio; it represents a strategic alignment of two companies with a shared vision for revolutionizing business financing. This move is particularly significant for Levenue’s growth strategy in Switzerland, a market known for its unique regulatory environment and high demand for innovative financing solutions.

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Key Benefits and Strategic Goals:

  • Expansion into the Swiss Market: Switzerland represents a key market for Levenue, and the acquisition of MidFunder provides a strategic foothold in this important financial hub.
  • Shared Vision and Synergies: Both companies share a common mission to provide businesses with new ways of funding without dilution. This shared vision is expected to drive the integration of their operations and technology stacks, leading to enhanced service offerings for their clients.
  • Innovative Financing Solutions: The acquisition enables Levenue to broaden its financing solutions, leveraging MidFunder’s expertise and established presence in the Swiss market. This move is poised to reshape the landscape of business financing in Switzerland and beyond.

The Future of Revenue-Based Financing

The acquisition of MidFunder by Levenue highlights the growing importance of revenue-based financing as an alternative to traditional funding methods. RBF offers a more flexible and founder-friendly approach, allowing companies to grow without diluting their equity. As more businesses seek non-dilutive financing options, the demand for RBF solutions is expected to rise, positioning Levenue and MidFunder at the forefront of this emerging trend.


The acquisition of MidFunder by Levenue is a testament to the dynamic nature of the fintech industry and the increasing demand for innovative financing solutions. By combining their strengths, Levenue and MidFunder are set to accelerate their growth in the Swiss market and beyond, offering businesses a new way to secure funding without dilution. This strategic move not only enhances Levenue’s portfolio but also signifies a major step forward in the evolution of revenue-based financing.

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