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Fintech Australia Embarks on a New Chapter with Strategic Leadership Renewal

In a significant move aimed at reinforcing its commitment to the fintech sector, Fintech Australia has announced a series of strategic leadership appointments. This initiative marks a pivotal moment for the organization as it seeks to bolster support and drive growth within the industry. Below, we delve into the details of these appointments and their implications for the fintech landscape in Australia.

What is Fintech Australia?

Fintech Australia is the leading advocacy body dedicated to the growth and development of the financial technology (fintech) sector in Australia. Established with the vision to make Australia one of the world’s leading markets for fintech innovation and investment, the organization plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of financial services in the country. Here’s a closer look at what Fintech Australia stands for and its contributions to the fintech ecosystem.

Mission and Activities

Engage & Connect: Fintech Australia is at the forefront of fostering connections within the fintech ecosystem, facilitating interactions between startups, established businesses, investors, regulators, and other stakeholders. This engagement aims to support the sector’s growth, benefiting the Australian economy and society at large.

Advocate & Promote: The organization actively advocates for the fintech sector in public forums and with policymakers. It promotes the adoption of fintech solutions and amplifies the voice of its participants, ensuring that the interests of the fintech community are well-represented and supported at both the national and international levels.

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Strengthen & Grow: By empowering and uplifting the Australian fintech ecosystem, Fintech Australia promotes its capacity for positive change. The organization is committed to driving innovation, enhancing competitiveness, and ensuring the sector’s sustainable growth.

Achievements and Milestones

Since its inception in March 2016, Fintech Australia has achieved significant milestones that underscore its commitment to the sector:

  • Inaugural AGM and Committee Formation: The organization held its first Annual General Meeting (AGM) and elected its inaugural committee, laying the foundation for its advocacy and support activities.
  • Fintech Australia Census: In partnership with EY Sweeney, Fintech Australia launched the first comprehensive survey of fintech startups in the country, addressing key challenges and highlighting the sector’s needs and potential.
  • Regulatory Sandbox: Fintech Australia played a crucial role in the introduction of a legislative framework for an enhanced regulatory sandbox. This initiative allows new and innovative fintech products and services to be tested in Australia, fostering a conducive environment for fintech innovation.
  • Open Banking: The organization contributed to the phased implementation of Open Banking in Australia, advocating for data availability and sharing across the financial services sector to spur innovation and competition.

Leadership and Governance

Fintech Australia is guided by a board of directors comprising seasoned professionals from various facets of the fintech ecosystem. The board’s diverse expertise ensures that the organization remains aligned with its mission and effectively addresses the evolving needs of the fintech community.

Joining Fintech Australia

Membership in Fintech Australia offers startups, investors, and established companies a platform to engage with the fintech community, influence policy, and contribute to the sector’s growth. Members benefit from networking opportunities, policy advocacy, and access to resources and events designed to support their success in the fintech landscape.

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Fintech Australia stands as a beacon for the fintech sector, championing innovation, collaboration, and regulatory advancement. Through its efforts, the organization not only supports the growth of fintech in Australia but also contributes to the global competitiveness of the Australian financial services industry.

Leadership Transitions: A New Era of Guidance

Sarah Gorman Steps Up as Chair

  • Background: Sarah Gorman, a distinguished figure in the fintech realm and a founding team member and investor at Melbourne-based Digital Agriculture Services (DAS), has been appointed as the new Chair of Fintech Australia. Gorman, known for her extensive experience spanning over two decades in advisory, entrepreneurship, and investment, brings a wealth of knowledge and a fresh perspective to the role.
  • Vision and Impact: Gorman’s appointment is seen as a strategic move to navigate the fintech industry through its next growth phase. Her expertise in building and scaling innovative solutions is expected to play a crucial role in shaping the future of Australia’s fintech sector.
Fintech Australia Welcomes New Chair and CEO in Strategic Move to Enhance Industry Support
Sarah Gorman, Chair of FinTech Australia and Rehan D’Almeida, Chief Executive Officer of FinTech Australia Source: Fintech Australia

Rehan D’Almeida: From General Manager to CEO

  • Journey and Achievements: Rehan D’Almeida, previously the General Manager of Fintech Australia, has been promoted to CEO. D’Almeida’s tenure as General Manager was marked by significant achievements, including the expansion of Fintech Australia’s membership and the successful execution of flagship events like the Intersekt Fintech Festival and The Finnies.
  • Future Directions: As CEO, D’Almeida aims to further enhance the organization’s engagement with members and policymakers, driving commercial success and addressing emerging challenges in the fintech ecosystem.
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Brian Collins Assumes Deputy Chair Role

  • Professional Insights: Brian Collins, a fintech founder and executive with a history of overseeing AWS’s fintech operations in Oceania, steps into the role of Deputy Chair. Collins brings a unique blend of entrepreneurial experience and industry insight, which is anticipated to complement Fintech Australia’s leadership team effectively.

Strategic Goals and Industry Support

Fintech Australia’s leadership renewal comes at a time when the industry is navigating a complex landscape of regulatory challenges and technological advancements. The organization’s strategic objectives include:

  • Advocacy and Policy Influence: Engaging with policymakers to advocate for a regulatory environment that supports fintech innovation and growth.
  • Member Engagement and Support: Providing platforms for collaboration, knowledge sharing, and networking among members to foster a vibrant fintech community.
  • Global Outreach and Collaboration: Strengthening ties with international fintech ecosystems to facilitate cross-border partnerships and learning opportunities.

The Road Ahead

With these new leadership appointments, Fintech Australia is poised to embark on a journey of renewed vigor and strategic focus. The organization’s commitment to supporting the fintech sector is expected to catalyze innovation, drive economic growth, and position Australia as a leading hub for fintech excellence on the global stage.

The strategic leadership renewal at Fintech Australia signifies a new chapter in the organization’s mission to champion the fintech industry. With a dynamic team at the helm, Fintech Australia is well-equipped to navigate the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead, fostering a thriving ecosystem that contributes to the broader Australian economy and society.

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