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Sunbit Bolsters BNPL Capabilities with $310M Citi-Led Debt Facility


Sunbit, an innovative Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) provider, has recently secured a significant $310 million debt warehouse facility, led by Citi and with participation from Ares Management. This strategic financial move is set to bolster Sunbit’s capabilities and expand its offerings in the BNPL sector.

Sunbit: A Synthesis of Innovation and Growth

Foundational Insights
  • Establishment and Mission: Founded in 2016 in Los Angeles, Sunbit has been on a mission to revolutionize consumer access to credit. Their approach focuses on providing transparent, fee-free alternatives to traditional credit options.
  • Market Reach and Impact: As of the end of 2023, Sunbit catered to over 2.6 million loan customers, generating more than $1 billion annually in merchant transaction volume.
Expansion and Customer Trust
  • Sector Dominance: Sunbit has become a leading player in the automotive services BNPL sector, servicing about 40% of U.S. franchise dealerships.
  • Consumer Preference: Their user-friendly and inclusive financing choices have led to a high customer retention rate, with one in three customers being repeat users.
  • Innovative Products: The Sunbit Card, an invite-only, no-fee product, saw about $340 million in purchases in just 12 months, demonstrating the high engagement and trust Sunbit enjoys among consumers.
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The Role of Citi and Ares Management

Citi’s Strategic Investments
  • Diverse Fintech Support: Citi has been actively involved in supporting various fintech initiatives, reflecting a commitment to innovation in financial services. Their investment in Sunbit aligns with this vision.
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Ares Management’s Contributions
  • Flexibility and Scale: Ares Management is known for providing scalable and flexible financing solutions. Their involvement with Sunbit highlights their ability to support strategic objectives of growing companies.

Future Outlook and Implications

Enhancing Sunbit’s Capabilities
  • Strategic Use of Funds: Sunbit plans to use the newly acquired funds to expand its BNPL offerings, particularly in auto repair and patient financing in dentistry. The expansion of the Sunbit Card and partnerships in retail card services are also on the agenda.
Industry Impact
  • BNPL Market Dynamics: Sunbit’s funding marks a significant moment in the BNPL sector, reflecting growing investor confidence in the model, especially in the context of ever-evolving consumer finance needs.


Sunbit’s securing of a $310 million debt facility from Citi and Ares Management underscores the company’s strong market position and potential for future growth. This move not only solidifies Sunbit’s standing in the BNPL landscape but also reflects broader trends in fintech innovation and investor confidence in alternative financial services.

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