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UK Fintech Abound Secures £800 Million for Expansion and Innovation

Abound, a UK-based fintech innovator, has recently announced a significant growth funding of £800 million. This news comes on the heels of the company reaching profitability, a milestone that underscores its growing influence in the fintech sector. The funding aims to further expand Abound’s unique AI-driven and open banking-based lending services.

Company Evolution

Founded in 2020 by Gerald Chappell and Dr. Michelle He, Abound started with a mission to revolutionize the consumer credit market through technology. Chappell brought expertise from his tenure as the Global Head of Digital Lending at McKinsey, while He contributed her experience as a director at EY, specializing in lending and credit analytics. The company’s rapid growth has been fueled by its commitment to providing fair and accessible financial products, leveraging AI and open banking data to offer personalized lending solutions.

Recent Developments and Funding

The latest funding round includes contributions from a mix of venture capital funds and global banks, bringing the total investment to £1.3 billion. This new capital will be used to expand Abound’s reach both in the UK and internationally, further developing its consumer lending platform and B2B solutions. This strategy aligns with the company’s recent achievement of profitability, which has been driven by its effective risk assessment and customer-centric lending practices. The approach not only allows for more accurate lending decisions but also helps reduce financial risks, benefiting both the company and its customers.

This growth and the subsequent funding have been supported by investors like K3 Ventures, GSR Ventures, and Hambro Perks, indicating strong confidence in Abound’s business model and market potential.

“A new investment of this size, which comes from a mixture of VC funds and global banks, is a testament to the demand for and success of Abound and Render. It speaks to the confidence investors have in our business to keep growing and in our AI-powered technology to continue transforming consumer credit.”

Gerald Chappell, CEO and co-founder of Abound and Render

“Open Banking has empowered consumers to take ownership of their data to get more personalised financial products. With Abound and Render, we’re showing that this can often mean they can access cheaper rates. We strongly believe that this is the future of lending.

The Credit scoring system is dated and omits crucial pieces of the puzzle, like whether someone can actually afford to repay the loan. For those ready to embrace Open Banking, Render can offer them more accurate checks and, therefore, lower costs and risk.

Quite simply, the technology works, and that is why we continue to grow at such a pace and why our investors continue to back us.”

Michelle He, the co-founder of Abound and Render

“We are thrilled to expand our partnership with Abound, which is harnessing the power of AI and open banking to revolutionize credit decisioning. Their data-driven approach allows for more accurate risk assessments, enabling them to extend affordable credit to a wider range of customers in the UK and internationally. Abound is at the forefront of responsible innovation in financial services, and we are confident their solutions will drive financial inclusion on a global scale.”

Jefferson Chen, partner at GSR Ventures
Michelle He (Co-Founder and COO at Abound & Render) and Gerald Chappell (CEO and Co-Founder at Abound & Render)
Michelle He (Co-Founder and COO at Abound) & Gerald Chappell (CEO and Co-Founder at Abound) Image source:

Operational Achievements

Abound has demonstrated impressive growth, bolstered by its recent transition to profitability, as we highlighted earlier. This milestone was achieved through strategic management of financial resources and a focus on technological innovations that streamline lending processes. The company has leveraged artificial intelligence and open banking data to provide personalized, affordable financial solutions, markedly reducing loan default rates compared to the industry standard. These efforts have resonated well with both customers and investors, fostering a robust growth trajectory.

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Future Outlook and Expansion Plans

With the fresh influx of £800 million in funding, Abound plans to significantly expand its operations both within the UK and internationally. The investment will aid in scaling its consumer lending platform and enhancing its B2B offerings, allowing more banks and financial institutions to utilize its technology. This expansion is geared towards increasing access to fair credit, thereby promoting financial inclusion on a global scale.

Impact and Industry Position

Abound’s innovative approach to lending, which bypasses traditional credit scoring methods in favor of a data-driven AI model, positions it as a disruptive force in the fintech sector. The company’s focus on fair and accessible credit solutions has not only contributed to its rapid growth but also set new standards in the lending industry. By providing more personalized loan offerings, Abound has successfully minimized financial risks and delivered substantial benefits to consumers, which in turn has solidified its reputation and influence within the industry.


Abound’s journey from a fledgling startup to a key player in the fintech industry exemplifies the power of innovative technology combined with strategic financial management. The company’s recent achievement of profitability and the substantial new funding round mark significant milestones in its mission to revolutionize lending. By focusing on customer-centric, AI-powered solutions, Abound has not only expanded access to fair credit but has also positioned itself as a leader in financial innovation.

The ongoing support from venture capitals and global banks reflects strong confidence in Abound’s business model and future prospects. As Abound continues to grow and evolve, it remains committed to its mission of enhancing financial inclusivity and reshaping the lending landscape. With plans for further expansion and continuous improvement of its technologies, Abound is poised to maintain its momentum and influence in the fintech sector, promising an exciting future for its customers and stakeholders alike.

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By embracing challenges and harnessing the power of AI and open banking, Abound’s story is one of resilience and vision—a testament to the transformative impact of fintech innovations on the global financial services industry.

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