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DailyPay’s Strategic Leap: $175 Million Funding to Reshape On-Demand Pay

In a recent groundbreaking development, DailyPay, a pioneering force in the on-demand pay sector, has successfully secured $175 million in a combined equity and debt funding round. This infusion of capital marks a significant milestone for the New York-based fintech, propelling its valuation to an impressive $1.75 billion and underscoring its dominant position in the market.

The Breakdown of Funding

Equity and Debt Financing

The funding round is strategically divided, with Citi providing $100 million to expand DailyPay’s secured credit facility, and an additional $75 million in equity financing raised from both existing and new investors. Carrick Capital Partners leads the equity round, reflecting strong investor confidence in DailyPay’s innovative pay platform and its transformative impact on the financial ecosystem.

Boosting Credit Facility

This latest financial maneuver brings DailyPay’s total revolving secured debt capacity to an impressive $660 million, complementing previous commitments from financial giants Barclays ($500 million) and TPG Angelo Gordon ($60 million). This enhanced credit facility is a testament to DailyPay’s robust growth trajectory and its unwavering commitment to revolutionizing the pay experience for workers worldwide.

Strategic Objectives and Impact

Expanding Market Reach

DailyPay company logo

With the fresh capital, DailyPay is poised to accelerate its product innovation endeavors and venture into new markets and adjacent categories. Kevin Coop, CEO of DailyPay, emphasized the company’s dedication to empowering workers by providing immediate access to earned wages, thereby offering a significant alternative to traditional payday loans and other high-interest financial products.

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Financial Wellness at the Forefront

DailyPay’s platform enables users to track, transfer, spend, or save their earned pay instantly, fostering financial wellness and independence. The company has established partnerships with leading employers across diverse industries, including Fortune 500 companies like Hilton, Target, Kroger, and Dollar Tree. These collaborations have demonstrated positive impacts on hiring, retention, and overall employee satisfaction.

The Future of Pay

Revolutionizing Payday

DailyPay’s innovative approach to on-demand pay is not just a financial service but a movement towards a more humane and equitable treatment of workers. By allowing employees immediate access to their earned wages, DailyPay alleviates financial stress and empowers individuals to manage unexpected expenses without resorting to predatory lending practices.

A Growing Need

In an era where the majority of Americans live paycheck to paycheck, DailyPay’s services are more relevant than ever. Various research highlights the critical role of earned wage access (EWA) in enhancing financial health for those struggling to make ends meet between pay cycles.


DailyPay’s successful funding round is a clear indicator of the fintech industry’s shift towards more flexible and employee-centric pay solutions. As the company continues to expand its offerings and market presence, it stands as a beacon of innovation in the financial services sector, redefining the future of pay for millions of workers globally.

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