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Citi and Fasanara Back SellersFi with $300 Million: Ushering in Fintech Innovation


New York-based fintech startup SellersFi has recently made headlines by securing a significant $300 million credit facility, a move set to revolutionize the e-commerce fintech sector. This funding, provided by Citi and Fasanara Capital, marks a pivotal point in SellersFi’s journey, signaling a strong endorsement of its innovative financial solutions designed for e-commerce platforms.

SellersFi: A Profile of Innovation

Originally known as SellersFunding, SellersFi has distinguished itself as a leading global financial technology company. Leveraging AI-driven credit scoring models and comprehensive integration with leading e-commerce platforms, SellersFi offers unique working capital and cash management solutions to e-commerce merchants, aiming to alleviate their financial burdens and focusing on growth and business goals.

The Significance of the Credit Facility

The $300 million credit facility, initially starting at $135 million, is a testament to the confidence and belief in SellersFi’s vision and operational model. Citi contributes the senior capital, while Fasanara Capital provides the mezzanine capital and continues its support in other jurisdictions and products. This strategic infusion of funds is expected to fuel SellersFi’s expansion initiatives and enhance its innovative offerings in the e-commerce space.

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Impact on E-commerce Fintech

This financial boost is not just a mere capital influx; it’s a step towards advancing financial inclusion for e-commerce merchants. SellersFi plans to invest these funds in technology upgrades, expand its service portfolio, and bolster its market presence. The move has already sparked excitement in the fintech industry, anticipating increased competition and innovation.

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SellersFi’s Strategic Growth and Community Involvement

SellersFi’s success is attributed to its exclusive focus on e-commerce customers, an AI-powered underwriting model, and its global presence. The company has a significant base in South Florida, where it continues to grow its team, especially in sales, customer support, compliance, and operations. This growth is reflective of the burgeoning tech scene in the region, although it also brings challenges in talent acquisition due to increased competition.

Looking Forward

As SellersFi embarks on this new growth phase, the e-commerce fintech sector eagerly awaits the unveiling of enhanced services and technological advancements. This credit facility underscores SellersFi’s financial prowess and potential to drive significant changes within the e-commerce fintech landscape, setting a precedent for future strategic financial partnerships in the industry.


The securing of a $300 million credit facility by SellersFi from Citi and Fasanara Capital is a significant milestone in the e-commerce fintech sector. It not only showcases the company’s robust financial standing but also highlights its potential to bring about transformative changes in the world of e-commerce and fintech.

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