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Zilo’s Game-Changing Move: Securing £25M in Series A

The Impetus Behind Zilo’s Rise

Zilo, a UK-based fintech startup specializing in global asset and wealth management software, has achieved a remarkable feat by securing £25 million in a Series A funding round. Founded in 2020 by Philip Goffin, Zilo has been on a mission to overhaul outdated financial service technologies with innovative solutions.

The Momentum of Series A Funding

The funding round, which was oversubscribed, saw participation from major asset managers like Fidelity International Strategic Ventures (FISV), Portage, State Street, and Citi. This significant capital infusion not only validates Zilo’s vision but also underscores the industry’s confidence in its potential to lead and innovate in financial services software.

Strategic Vision and Objectives

Goffin emphasizes Zilo’s commitment to empowering financial institutions to replace legacy technologies and enhance cost efficiencies through its modern digital solutions. These solutions are designed to support both existing fund structures and emerging digital assets, improving client experiences in the process.

Zilo fintech company logo

The Role of Fidelity and Portage

James Devlin, Principal at Fidelity International Strategic Ventures, praises Zilo for its potential to replace long-standing transfer agency technology, thereby improving client outcomes with a fully digital platform. Adam Felesky, Co-founder and CEO of Portage, echoes similar sentiments, highlighting Zilo’s potential in becoming a leading solution for global custodians.

Utilization of the Series A Funds

The funds from this round will be strategically used to accelerate product development, enhance user acquisition, and strengthen Zilo’s foothold in the fintech sector. Furthermore, Zilo plans to leverage this investment to expand into new markets and pursue strategic partnerships, broadening its service offerings.

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Recent Milestones and Future Outlook

Prior to this funding, Zilo achieved a significant milestone by successfully onboarding its first client onto its global digital transfer agency platform. This move not only demonstrated the robustness of Zilo’s platform but also signaled a strong market demand for innovative financial solutions. Looking forward, Zilo is set to gain further traction in the industry, driven by its user-centric design and cutting-edge features.

Advisory and Legal Support

In this venture, Zilo was advised by Perella Weinberg Partners and received legal counsel from Pinsent Masons LLP, ensuring a well-supported and strategically sound funding process.

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