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Triver Secures £2.5 Million to Boost SME Working Capital Solutions

Triver, a fintech company based in London, specializes in providing instant working capital to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). This report delves into Triver’s recent funding round of £2.5 million, its implications for the company, and its broader impact on the SME financing landscape.

Company Background

Founded by Jerome Le Luel, a former Chief Risk Officer at Funding Circle, Triver leverages open banking data and AI to offer short-term capital solutions to SMEs. Triver’s platform provides instant access to funds by advancing client invoices, a service designed to improve cash flow management for SMEs. The company’s leadership team includes experts with extensive experience in financial services and technology development.

Recent Funding Round

Triver recently raised an additional £2.5 million from existing investors to support its growth initiatives. This funding aims to enhance the company’s platform and expand its services to more SMEs across the UK. The latest round follows a previous £7 million seed investment from prominent investors including Stride, Axeleo Capital, and Motive Partners.

Market Analysis

The SME financing market is characterized by significant challenges, particularly in cash flow management. SMEs in the UK face an average of 55-day payment terms, leading to a substantial capital shortage. Traditional financing options often fail to meet these needs efficiently. Triver addresses this gap by providing a faster, more flexible financing solution compared to conventional banks​.

Product and Services of Triver

Triver’s primary product is an invoice discounting facility that allows SMEs to advance invoices up to a certain percentage of their turnover. The platform is simple, transparent, and cost-effective, with no hidden fees. Customers only pay a daily discount fee based on the value of the invoice. Triver’s service is highly appreciated by users for its speed, efficiency, and ease of use.

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Triver Receives £2.5 Million to Support Small Business Financing. Pic: Team Triver
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Impact and Growth Potential

The additional funding is expected to significantly impact Triver’s operations, enabling the company to offer over £200 million in funding annually. The company plans to expand its reach by integrating its services with digital platforms used by SMEs, such as accounting software and digital banks. This embedded finance approach not only supports SME growth but also provides value-sharing opportunities for Triver’s partners.


Triver’s innovative approach to SME financing, supported by its recent funding round, positions it well to address the cash flow challenges faced by small businesses. By leveraging advanced technology and strategic partnerships, Triver is poised to become a key player in the SME finance sector.

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