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Tax Autopilot: Black Ore Secures $60M to Automate the Future of Accounting

In a landmark move that marks the convergence of artificial intelligence and financial services, Black Ore, an avant-garde AI startup, has thrust itself into the limelight with a formidable $60 million capital infusion. Spearheaded by the vanguard of venture capital, Andreessen Horowitz and Oak HC/FT, the firm’s debut is not just a testament to investor confidence but a clarion call heralding the next phase of fintech evolution​.

Image Credit: Black Ore AI

Under the strategic leadership of fintech luminaries Eyal Shinar and Pavel Kapovski, Black Ore has unfurled its banner product, Tax Autopilot. This pioneering AI instrument melds cutting-edge technology with the intricate labyrinth of tax statutes, offering accountants a powerful ally in navigating the complexities of tax preparation. In doing so, it promises a revolution in efficiency, allowing CPAs to transcend the drudgery of data entry and ascend to the higher echelons of strategic advisement and client engagement​.

The ambition of Black Ore stretches beyond the horizons of tax automation. With an AI and automation platform that accelerates core workflows, Black Ore is crafting a future where financial services are not just automated but intuitively intelligent, optimizing everything from wealth management to financial planning. Its technology echoes the transformative potential that cloud computing once heralded, with an eye towards dramatically redefining the financial landscape on a global scale​.

Tax Autopilot, the flagship offering, is more than a mere tool; it’s a testament to Black Ore’s commitment to delivering solutions that embody speed, accuracy, and scalability. With its launch, the company is poised to empower CPAs to process a greater volume of returns, thus catalyzing revenue growth and expanding profitability for firms. The platform’s robust security and compliance with SOC-2 standards underscore its readiness to meet the rigorous demands of the financial sector​.

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The consortium of investors backing this venture is a roll call of the financial world’s elite, with General Catalyst, Founders Fund, Khosla Ventures, and a suite of high-profile tech executives and angel investors placing their stakes in Black Ore’s vision. This vote of confidence is further bolstered by the founders’ formidable track records, with Shinar’s Fundbox and Kapovski’s leadership in R&D at CME Group laying the groundwork for this ambitious endeavor​.

As Black Ore’s Tax Autopilot sets its sights on a general release in early 2024, the company’s journey from a stealth startup to a beacon of innovation in AI for financial services is a narrative of audacity, vision, and the relentless pursuit of transformation. In the dynamic and demanding realm of financial services, Black Ore is not merely participating but is actively shaping the future—one where AI is not an adjunct but a core pillar of financial expertise​​.

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