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Prometeo’s Leap: Revolutionizing Latin American Fintech with $13M Funding


Prometeo, a leading fintech infrastructure company based in Uruguay, has achieved a major milestone in its growth trajectory by securing $13 million in Series A funding. This funding round marks a significant step towards Prometeo’s vision of reshaping the financial landscape in Latin America.

Prometeo’s Foundational Vision

Prometeo was founded in 2018 by Ximena Aleman and Rodrigo Tumaián, with a vision to unify the diverse financial technology landscapes of Latin America under a single API. This approach aimed to create a standardized layer that enables efficient financial operations across the region, despite the varied financial infrastructures present in different countries.

The Series A Funding: A Turning Point

The $13 million funding round, led by Antler Elevate and participated in by PayPal Ventures, Samsung Next, DN Capital, Cometa, and Magma Partners, is a testament to the industry’s confidence in Prometeo’s innovative approach. This capital infusion is poised to accelerate Prometeo’s expansion in services and geographic reach.

Prometeo's $13M funding story.

Prometeo’s Unique Platform: Bridging Financial Gaps

At the heart of Prometeo’s operations is its cross-border multi-banking data aggregation platform, which provides account validation services and facilitates real-time payments. The platform stands out for its commitment to safety, compliance, and seamless integration, making it a preferred choice for major banking and corporate clients. By offering a single, unified API, Prometeo simplifies and accelerates connections within Latin America, cutting down operational friction and costs.

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Tackling Financial Inclusion Challenges

Prometeo’s strategy addresses significant challenges in the Latin American financial sector. The region, despite its potential, lags behind in terms of financial services development, with bank account penetration estimated at around 70%. Prometeo aims to improve financial inclusion by offering an efficient and standardized financial operations framework.

Prometeo’s Growth and Future Prospects

With a tenfold increase in revenues over the past two years, Prometeo is now in an optimal position to expand its user base, add more services, and enter new geographies. The company’s consistent focus on integrating varied infrastructures under one API has been pivotal in consolidating its position in the market.

Impact on Latin American Financial Ecosystem

Prometeo’s advancements are significantly contributing to the digital banking revolution in Latin America. The demand for digital-first and instant payment systems is on the rise, and Prometeo’s platform aligns with these emerging trends. This positions the company as a pivotal player in enhancing global financial connectivity and making Latin America more accessible to international businesses.

Strategic Significance of Prometeo’s Investors

The Series A funding round for Prometeo not only brings in capital but also significant strategic partners. Investors like PayPal Ventures and Samsung Next are not just financial backers; they represent a vote of confidence in Prometeo’s vision and potential. PayPal’s history of investing in regional startups and Samsung’s technology-focused portfolio align well with Prometeo’s objectives. These partnerships could pave the way for future collaborations and technological integrations, further enhancing Prometeo’s offerings in the fintech space.

Prometeo’s Role in Latin American Financial Integration

Prometeo’s innovative approach is crucial in addressing the fragmented financial ecosystem of Latin America. By offering a unified API, Prometeo is reducing the complexity involved in dealing with various financial institutions across different countries. This standardization is key to fostering regional economic integration and facilitating cross-border transactions, thereby supporting the broader goals of financial inclusion and economic development in the region.

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The Future of Fintech in Latin America

Latin America’s fintech landscape is rapidly evolving, with a growing demand for digital banking and payment solutions. Prometeo’s expansion comes at a time when the region is witnessing a surge in digital-first and instant payment systems. This trend is not only a response to consumer demands but also a reflection of a larger shift towards a more digitally integrated financial environment. Prometeo’s role in this transformation is significant, as it offers a platform that simplifies and secures financial operations.

Challenges and Opportunities Ahead

Despite its potential, the fintech sector in Latin America faces several challenges. Regulatory differences, diverse financial practices, and varying levels of digital adoption across countries pose hurdles. However, these challenges also present opportunities for innovative solutions like Prometeo’s API, which can navigate and harmonize these complexities. As Prometeo continues to expand, its ability to adapt to and address these challenges will be crucial for its sustained success.


Prometeo’s journey is a prime example of how innovative fintech solutions can drive significant changes in the financial sector. With its recent funding and strategic partnerships, Prometeo is well-positioned to play a transformative role in the Latin American fintech landscape. As the company continues to grow and evolve, it will undoubtedly contribute to shaping a more integrated, efficient, and inclusive financial ecosystem in the region.

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