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Kapital’s $165 Million Series B Funding: A New Era for SMEs in Latin America

Revolutionizing SME Finance with AI


Kapital, a groundbreaking financial services and technology company, has made headlines with its staggering $165 million raise in Series B funding and debt financing. This milestone reflects a significant leap forward for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Latin America, promising to reshape the financial landscape with cutting-edge technology and innovative services.

The Journey of Kapital

Founded in 2020, Kapital embarked on a mission to enhance financial visibility for SMEs through data and artificial intelligence. The platform offers real-time access and management of business operations and cash flows, revolutionizing the way small businesses handle their finances.

A Leap Forward: Series B Funding

The recent Series B round, amounting to $40 million, was led by Tribe Capital and included other notable investors like Cervin Ventures, Tru Arrow, MS&AD Ventures, and Alumni Ventures. This follows Kapital’s $20 million Series A in May 2023 and a $45 million debt facility, showcasing the company’s rapid growth and investor confidence.

Impact on Small Businesses

Kapital Fintech company logo

Small businesses form the backbone of the global economy, yet they often face significant hurdles in accessing financial services. Kapital addresses this gap by offering sophisticated enterprise technology, previously available only to large corporations. This empowers SMEs with greater control and visibility over their financial operations.

Expansion and Innovation

The infusion of funds will be channeled into research and development, focusing on enhancing cross-border offerings and expanding the product suite. Kapital aims to deliver actionable insights to customers, leveraging predictive analytics to improve business margins and decision-making processes.

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Strategic Acquisitions

Kapital’s growth trajectory has been bolstered by strategic moves, including the acquisition of Banco Autofin Mexico S.A. in September 2023. This acquisition not only expanded Kapital’s customer base but also enriched its service offerings, positioning the company as a comprehensive financial solutions provider for SMEs.

A Vision for Global Reach

Kapital’s co-founder and CEO, Rene Saul, envisions the company as a global bank connecting businesses worldwide. With operations in Mexico, Colombia, and Peru, Kapital is well on its way to becoming a pivotal player in the global financial sector.


Kapital’s latest funding round is not just a financial milestone but a testament to its innovative approach and potential impact on SMEs in Latin America and beyond. As Kapital continues to grow and expand its services, it stands poised to redefine SME banking, offering unprecedented financial tools and insights powered by AI.

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