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Objectway and Nest Wealth Merger: A New Era for WealthTech Innovation

In a bold move that marks a significant milestone in the WealthTech industry, Objectway, a global powerhouse in financial software and services, has announced its acquisition of Nest Wealth, a leading Canadian digital wealth solutions provider. This strategic acquisition not only cements Objectway’s presence in North America but also sets a new standard for digital wealth management globally.

Unpacking the Acquisition

Strategic Implications

  • Global Expansion: With this acquisition, Objectway expands its footprint in North America, leveraging Nest Wealth’s established market presence.
  • Enhanced Digital Wealth Solutions: By integrating Nest Wealth’s innovative client onboarding and financial planning solutions, Objectway enhances its service offerings, providing a more comprehensive digital wealth management platform.
  • Focus on Innovation: The merger underscores a shared commitment to digital innovation, aiming to redefine the wealth management experience for clients and advisors alike.

Market Impact

  • Strengthened Market Position: This acquisition positions Objectway as a leader in the WealthTech sector, with an extended reach in key wealth markets globally.
  • Competitive Edge: The combined expertise and technology of Objectway and Nest Wealth offer a competitive edge in delivering advanced digital wealth management solutions.
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The Synergy of Objectway and Nest Wealth

Complementary Strengths

  • Objectway’s Global Expertise: With over 30 years of experience, Objectway brings a wealth of knowledge in banking, wealth, and asset management software services.
  • Nest Wealth’s Innovative Platforms: Known for its SaaS-based digital wealth management platform, Nest Wealth enhances Objectway’s digital offerings with its cutting-edge technology and client-centric solutions.
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A Unified Vision for the Future

  • Commitment to Digital Excellence: Both companies share a vision for leveraging digital innovation to enhance wealth management services, promising a future of continuous development and enhanced client experiences.
  • Focus on Customer Success: The merger emphasizes a customer-first approach, ensuring that the enhanced platform meets the evolving needs of clients and advisors in the digital age.
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Looking Ahead: Objectway and Nest Wealth’s Joint Journey

Integration and Innovation

  • Seamless Integration: The integration process, planned over the next 24 months, promises a smooth transition for Nest Wealth’s clients and a unified platform that offers the best of both worlds.
  • Continued Innovation: The combined entity is set to focus on continuous innovation, leveraging digital technologies to further advance wealth management solutions.

Expanding Horizons

  • Broadening Market Reach: With a strong base in Canada, Objectway and Nest Wealth aim to expand further into the North American market and explore new opportunities in EMEA.
  • A Future of Growth: This acquisition is a stepping stone for Objectway and Nest Wealth in their quest to dominate the global WealthTech landscape, promising exciting developments for clients and the industry at large.


The acquisition of Nest Wealth by Objectway is more than just a merger of two companies; it’s a fusion of visions, technologies, and ambitions. As Objectway sets its sights on redefining the WealthTech landscape, the industry watches with anticipation, expecting groundbreaking innovations that will transform digital wealth management for years to come.

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