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Swedish Fintech Innovator Kameo Secures Strategic Investment from Incore Invest to Accelerate Growth

In a significant move for the Scandinavian fintech ecosystem, Kameo, Sweden’s pioneering investment platform, has successfully secured a strategic investment from Stockholm-based Incore Invest. This funding marks a pivotal moment for Kameo, renowned for connecting retail and institutional investors with real estate developers and companies across Scandinavia.

A Partnership Poised to Transform Investment Opportunities

Kameo’s Growth Trajectory: Founded in 2016, Kameo has emerged as a leading investment platform, offering an array of investment opportunities to a broad audience. The platform has seen remarkable growth, facilitating over 1,000 loans and amassing a total value of more than SEK 5 billion. With an impressive average net return of over 9 percent annually, Kameo has attracted a community of over 65,000 investors. The company boasts a dedicated team of 30 professionals spread across Stockholm, Oslo, and Copenhagen, underscoring its commitment to expanding its footprint in the investment landscape​​.

Incore Invest’s Strategic Vision: Incore Invest, steered by industry veterans including Nicolai Chamizo, is a growth-stage investment firm with a keen focus on the internet and technology sectors. The firm is celebrated for its active investment approach, leveraging sector expertise and a vast network within the European tech space to foster the expansion of its portfolio companies. Incore’s investment in Kameo is a testament to its ambition to nurture companies that are poised to become leaders in their respective categories​​.

Kameo Secures Strategic Investment from Incore Invest

The Synergy Between Kameo and Incore Invest

The partnership between Kameo and Incore Invest is built on a mutual vision of offering innovative and accessible investment solutions. Incore’s investment philosophy, centered around forming close relationships with founders and management teams, aligns perfectly with Kameo’s customer-centric approach. This collaboration is set to accelerate Kameo’s growth, enabling the platform to introduce more diversified investment opportunities to its users and enhance its technological infrastructure​​​​.

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A Bright Future for Scandinavian Fintech

The investment from Incore Invest comes at a time when the Scandinavian fintech sector is experiencing rapid growth and innovation. Incore’s portfolio includes several notable companies such as Brite Payments, Mynt, and SAVR, each contributing to the dynamism of the region’s fintech landscape​​. The strategic investment in Kameo not only underscores the potential of the platform but also signals a broader commitment to fostering financial innovation in Scandinavia.

Nicolai Chamizo, a prominent figure at Incore Invest, shares his journey from aspiring hockey player to fintech investor, emphasizing the importance of resilience, teamwork, and strategic vision in building successful ventures. His leadership at Incore Invest, alongside a team of seasoned professionals, is aimed at creating Swedish fintech unicorns that can compete on a global stage​​.


The collaboration between Kameo and Incore Invest marks a significant milestone in the evolution of the Scandinavian fintech ecosystem. This strategic investment is expected to catalyze Kameo’s growth, enabling the platform to scale new heights and offer enhanced investment opportunities to its users. As both companies work towards their shared goal of financial innovation, the future looks promising for investors and the broader fintech community in Scandinavia.

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