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ieDigital Acquires Abaka, Pioneering AI-Driven Personalization in Financial Services

In an era where digital innovation is paramount, ieDigital, a UK-based fintech powerhouse, has taken a significant leap forward with its strategic acquisition of Abaka, a leader in AI-driven financial recommendation technologies. This move not only cements ieDigital’s position in the digital banking ecosystem but also signals a new direction in personalized financial services.

ieDigital: Pioneering Digital Solutions

Founded in the late 1980s, ieDigital has established itself as a pivotal player in the financial services technology sector, primarily serving banks, building societies, and credit unions in the UK. With a robust portfolio that includes digital banking, customer onboarding, and self-service platforms, ieDigital is dedicated to transforming the digital experience for financial institutions and their customers.

The Acquisition of Abaka

Abaka, known for its innovative use of artificial intelligence to enhance customer engagement in financial services, brings a new dimension to ieDigital’s offerings. Based in the UK, Abaka has been at the forefront of utilizing AI and machine learning to predict customer needs and deliver personalized financial product recommendations.

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Strategic Synergies and Vision

The acquisition of Abaka aligns perfectly with ieDigital’s mission to provide cutting-edge digital solutions that cater to the evolving needs of the financial services industry. By integrating Abaka’s AI technology, ieDigital aims to offer hyper-personalized experiences to users, a demand that is increasingly becoming a differentiator in the competitive financial services landscape.

Jerry Young, CEO of ieDigital, emphasizes the strategic importance of this acquisition, stating that it significantly enhances the company’s ability to deliver personalized experiences and services. This vision is shared by Fahd Rachidy, the founder of Abaka, who believes that joining forces with ieDigital presents an unparalleled opportunity to drive innovation and customer satisfaction in the financial sector.

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Impact on the Market and Future Directions

This acquisition marks a pivotal moment in the digital banking sector, highlighting the critical role of AI and personalization in the future of financial services. With the combined strengths of ieDigital and Abaka, the group is well-positioned to lead the charge towards a more personalized, efficient, and engaging digital banking experience.

As ieDigital continues to integrate Abaka’s technologies into its suite of solutions, the focus will undoubtedly be on leveraging AI to meet the specific needs of their diverse clientele. This approach not only promises to enhance customer loyalty and engagement but also sets a new standard for innovation in the financial services industry.


ieDigital’s acquisition of Abaka is a testament to the company’s forward-thinking strategy and its commitment to driving digital transformation in the financial services sector. By harnessing the power of AI for personalization, ieDigital is not just responding to the market’s current demands but is actively shaping the future of digital banking. As the company embarks on this exciting new chapter, the financial industry eagerly anticipates the innovative solutions and enhanced customer experiences that will emerge from this dynamic collaboration.

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