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Bunq’s Launch of GenAI Platform Finn: Revolutionizing European Banking

Dutch challenger bank Bunq, recognized as the second-largest neobank in Europe, has made a significant advancement in the fintech sector with the launch of its generative AI (GenAI) platform, Finn. This innovative platform positions Bunq as a leader in AI-powered banking in Europe, reflecting the bank’s commitment to digital innovation and user-centric services.

Overview of Bunq’s GenAI Platform – Finn

Development and Launch

Finn, developed by Bunq, is designed to replace the traditional search function within the Bunq app. It was officially launched at Bunq Update 24, held at the DeLaMar Theater in Amsterdam. This platform utilizes advanced Language Models (LLMs), marking a significant leap in banking technology​​​​​​.

Features and Functionality

Finn acts as a personal financial assistant, enabling users to:

  • Seamlessly manage their finances.
  • Plan budgets and locate transactions.
  • Ask various advanced questions related to their financial activities.
  • Recall specific experiences and expenditures.

The platform’s chat-style text box, similar to OpenAI’s ChatGPT, allows users to interact with their finances, making it a groundbreaking tool in personal financial management​​​​​​.

Bunq logo

Impact on User Experience

Finn’s launch is seen as a transformative step for Bunq, aiming to redefine user-centric banking. It offers a more personalized and efficient way for users to manage their finances, aligning with tech giants like Google and Amazon in terms of technological advancement​​.

Bunq’s Growth and Expansion

User Base and Financial Growth

Bunq has witnessed significant growth, reaching 11 million users across the EU. Since July 2023, user deposits have grown by 55%, now totaling €7 billion. The integration of AI technology like Finn has been a key factor in this rapid expansion, enhancing Bunq’s position in the European banking sector​​​​​​.

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Recent Fundraising Efforts

In July, Bunq raised an additional €44.5 million in growth funding, bringing its total raised capital to nearly €100 million for the year. This funding underscores the neobank’s strong financial position and its ability to innovate and expand within the European market​​.

Company Background

Founded in 2012 by Ali Niknam, who secured the first European banking permit in over 35 years, Bunq was self-funded by Niknam with €98.7 million until 2021. This independence allowed Bunq to focus on building a bank that truly caters to the needs and wants of its users. It is notable for being the only self-funded challenger bank that expanded into 30 European markets without venture capital funds​​.


Bunq’s launch of the Finn platform signifies a new era in European banking, showcasing the potential of AI to revolutionize the way banking services are delivered and experienced. With its rapid growth, innovative technology, and user-focused approach, Bunq is poised to lead the charge in the digital transformation of the banking industry, making financial management more accessible and intuitive for users across Europe.

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