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Commerzbank AG Partners with Surecomp: A Strategic Move to Revolutionize Trade Finance Operations

In a significant stride towards enhancing its trade finance capabilities, Commerzbank AG, a leading financial institution in Germany, has announced a pivotal partnership with Surecomp, a renowned provider of digital trade finance solutions. This collaboration is set to redefine the back-office processing landscape of trade finance, leveraging Surecomp’s cutting-edge DOKA-NG™ solution. This move is not only a testament to Commerzbank’s commitment to innovation and customer service but also a reflection of the evolving dynamics in global trade finance.

The Catalyst for Change: DOKA-NG™ Deployment

  • Modernizing Trade Finance: At the heart of this partnership is the deployment of DOKA-NG™, a solution designed to modernize the trade finance sector. Hosted in Commerzbank’s private cloud environment, this initiative is aimed at streamlining operations, improving control and visibility, and enabling faster customer approvals.
  • Strategic Vision: Commerzbank’s selection of Surecomp

reflects a deliberate effort to harness the potential of digital transformation to cement its leadership in the trade finance domain. The bank’s forward-looking strategy underscores its dedication to leveraging technological advancements to better serve its customers and streamline operations.

Surecomp logo

The Role of Surecomp in Trade Finance Transformation

  • Expertise and Innovation: Surecomp has established itself as a key player in the trade finance industry, recognized for its innovative solutions and commitment to driving digital transformation. The company’s expertise in developing cloud and on-premise tools has been instrumental in optimizing the trade finance lifecycle for numerous financial institutions and corporations globally.
  • Comprehensive Solutions: Surecomp’s portfolio, including DOKA-NG™, is designed to offer frictionless and efficient transaction processing, optimized risk compliance, and accelerated development for its clients. This partnership is built on a mutual commitment to fostering sustainable and secure trade practices through digital innovation.
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Benefits and Impact of the Partnership

  • Enhanced Operational Efficiency: By integrating DOKA-NG™ into its back-office trade finance processing, Commerzbank aims to enhance the efficiency of handling letters of credit, guarantees, and other trade finance instruments. This technological infusion is expected to streamline internal operations, thereby improving overall service delivery to customers.
  • Strategic Alignment and Future Growth: This collaboration aligns with Commerzbank’s long-term strategy to strengthen its position in the global trade finance market. By adopting a modern technological infrastructure, the bank is well-positioned to tailor its offerings more effectively to meet the evolving needs of its customers, thereby facilitating global trade finance for its German corporate clients more efficiently.
Commerzbank trade finance collaboration.

Perspectives from Leadership

  • Commerzbank’s Vision: Jörg Motel, Global Head of Product Management Trade Finance at Commerzbank, emphasized the importance of a modern technological infrastructure in securing the bank’s market leadership in trade finance. He highlighted the decision to partner with Surecomp as a reflection of their commitment to providing tailored offerings to their customers, enhancing their ability to facilitate global trade finance.
  • Surecomp’s Commitment: Yaron Hupert, Surecomp’s SVP of Account Management, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, underscoring Surecomp’s commitment to delivering an advanced trade finance platform. He noted Commerzbank’s choice of Surecomp as a reinforcement of its market-leading position and expertise in trade finance.


The partnership between Commerzbank AG and Surecomp marks a significant milestone in the digital transformation of trade finance. By leveraging Surecomp’s DOKA-NG™ solution, Commerzbank aims to enhance its operational efficiency, streamline its service offerings, and reinforce its commitment to facilitating global trade finance. This strategic collaboration is poised to set new benchmarks in the trade finance industry, emphasizing the critical role of technology in driving innovation and customer satisfaction.

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