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Impactsure and Tesselate: A Synergy Set to Transform Corporate Banking and Trade Finance


The recent announcement of a partnership between France-based Tesselate and India’s Impactsure marks a significant development in the realm of corporate banking, trade, and supply chain finance. This collaboration brings together Tesselate’s global expertise in corporate banking and its interoperability solution hive.t with Impactsure’s advanced AI/ML and NLP capabilities, aiming to revolutionize data-driven decision-making in these sectors.

Overview of the Partnership

  • Combination of Strengths: Tesselate’s experience in corporate banking and its solution hive.t is synergized with Impactsure’s AI, ML, and NLP technologies. This integration aims to provide organizations with efficient operational insights and enhance decision-making processes.
  • Trade and Supply Chain Finance: The partnership is particularly significant in trade and supply chain finance, sectors that are crucial for global trade. The WTO notes that 80–90% of world trade relies on trade credit, insurance, and guarantees. The collaboration seeks to address the challenges in these sectors, such as paperwork, duplicated efforts, and compliance with regulations​​.

The Role of Impactsure

  • Foundation and Evolution: Impactsure, founded in 2019, began as a software development and services company with a broad industry focus. The COVID-19 pandemic led to a strategic refocus on banking and financial services, leveraging their experience in logistics and manufacturing.
  • AI in Trade Finance: Impactsure’s AI tool aims to improve efficiency in trade finance by automating and digitizing documentation processes. This advancement is crucial as trade finance remains largely paper-based and manual, leading to inefficiencies and risks.
  • Global Reach and Innovation: Impactsure has expanded its presence globally, including partnerships with Singapore Exchange and Temenos Exchange. The company is also developing AI solutions for ESG data extraction​​.
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The Contributions of Tesselate

  • Digital Transformation Expertise: Tesselate positions itself as a Digital Transformation Consultancy and Integrator, with deep knowledge in various financial sectors including corporate banking, asset management, and risk management.
  • Service Spectrum: The company advises on digital strategies and software solutions, collaborates closely with clients and partners, and supports digital transformation through technology implementation and integration.
  • Global Presence: With headquarters in Paris and branches across Europe and Africa, Tesselate delivers quality-assured and cost-effective solutions. Their unique experience in financial services and fintech positions them as a leader in supporting digital transformation in the financial industry​​​​.

Implications and Future Prospects

  • Efficiency and Customer Experience: The partnership promises significant improvements in efficiency and customer experience. By reducing the time for document processing from hours to minutes, the collaboration aims to streamline operations in corporate banking and trade finance.
  • Global Trade Facilitation: Given the reliance of global trade on credit and financial guarantees, the partnership’s focus on trade finance could have far-reaching effects on the facilitation of international trade transactions.
  • Innovation and Expansion: The integration of Impactsure’s AI-driven platforms with Tesselate’s global expertise paves the way for new innovations and expansions in the financial sector. This collaboration could serve as a model for future partnerships seeking to harness technology for enhanced efficiency and decision-making in finance.


The Impactsure-Tesselate partnership is a groundbreaking step in the field of corporate banking and trade finance. By combining the technological prowess of Impactsure with the global expertise of Tesselate, this collaboration is set to redefine the standards of efficiency and innovation in these crucial sectors of global finance.

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