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Yoii’s Series A Funding: A New Chapter in Japan’s Fintech Startup Ecosystem


Japan’s burgeoning startup scene has witnessed a significant boost with Yoii Inc.’s recent Series A funding success. The Tokyo-based fintech startup, renowned for its innovative revenue-based financing (RBF) platform “Yoii Fuel,” has secured $5.5 million in this round, marking a pivotal moment in the country’s startup financing landscape.

Yoii’s Journey and Series A Milestone

Founded in April 2021 by CEO Masaharu Uno, Yoii has been at the forefront of redefining startup funding in Japan. The Series A funding, led by Emellience Partners and supported by Itochu Technology Ventures, FFG Venture Business Partners, and other investors, has increased Yoii’s total funding to $9.5 million. This financial injection is not just a testament to Yoii’s potential but also a nod to the viability of alternative financing models in a market traditionally dominated by equity and debt financing.

The Innovation Behind Yoii Fuel

Yoii Japanese fintech company logo

Yoii Fuel stands out as a groundbreaking RBF platform, allowing companies to secure growth funds from future revenues. This model is particularly advantageous for startups, as it avoids share dilution and the need for personal guarantees or collateral. The platform is noted for its efficiency, requiring minimal financial data, and integrating with external services for automatic financial data submission.

Aligning with “New Capitalism” in Japan

The Japanese government’s promotion of “New Capitalism” aims to nurture startups that address social issues and contribute to a sustainable economic society. In this context, Yoii’s RBF model is a crucial development. It offers a flexible solution to the financing challenges faced by early-stage startups, especially when traditional methods pose significant barriers.

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Future Prospects and Expansion Plans

With the Series A funding, Yoii plans to expand its operations and reach in Japan and the Asian market. The company intends to conduct international research, develop its own risk models, and advance its recruitment efforts, thereby strengthening its product promotion and exploring new markets.


Yoii’s successful Series A funding round is a significant leap forward for Japan’s startup ecosystem. It not only underscores the potential of innovative financing models like RBF but also aligns with the broader national agenda of fostering a sustainable economic society through startup growth.

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