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White-Label Lending: The Strategic Joint Venture of Pepper Advantage and Clay

In an innovative move that promises to redefine the landscape of the lending industry, Pepper Advantage and Clay Technologies have embarked on a strategic joint venture to launch a white-label lending platform. This collaboration is set to offer a comprehensive solution that caters to the burgeoning demand for custom lending services across various sectors, including FinTechs, startups, and large corporate enterprises.

The Genesis of a Transformative Platform

Pepper Advantage: A Global Pioneer in Credit Intelligence

Pepper Advantage, a global leader in credit intelligence, boasts a robust presence in the financial domain with over $55 billion in assets under management across nine jurisdictions, including the UK, Europe, and Asia Pacific. Renowned for its cutting-edge credit management technologies and advanced data analytics, Pepper Advantage has established itself as a formidable force in enhancing efficiency and expanding credit access to clients underserved by traditional lenders​​.

Clay Technologies: Simplifying Credit with Innovation

Clay Technologies, co-founded by David Yalland (CEO) and Andres Castano (CTO), emerged from the duo’s firsthand experience with the challenges of launching lending services. With Yalland’s prior venture, Updraft, securing over $500 million in debt and equity financing, the foundation was laid for a solution that simplifies the credit offering process. Clay’s SaaS platform and API enable any company to launch its own Brandable Credit™ programme, integrating Debt-as-a-Service to offer seamless access to loan funding​​.

White-Label Lending by Pepper Advantage and Clay

A Synergistic Collaboration

The joint venture between Pepper Advantage and Clay is a strategic amalgamation of expertise and technology. Clay’s platform, renowned for its ability to manage origination, underwriting, compliance, and servicing within a client’s app, is now integrated with Pepper Advantage’s Loan Management Platform. This integration not only ensures the smooth management of loans from disbursement to final repayment but also provides clients with advanced credit data analytics for a comprehensive risk analysis across their credit portfolio​​.

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Key Features of the Joint Venture:

  • End-to-End Credit Platform: A holistic solution for companies to launch bespoke lending offerings.
  • Embedded Credit Products: Simplifies the process for companies of all sizes to offer credit services directly within their apps.
  • Comprehensive Loan Servicing: Leveraging Pepper Advantage’s loan management capabilities and Clay’s innovative platform.
  • Debt-as-a-Service: Facilitates access to funding for loans, reducing complexity and time to market.
  • Advanced Analytics: Offers enhanced insights and risk analysis, powered by Pepper Advantage’s proprietary technologies​​.

Impact and Vision

The collaboration between Pepper Advantage and Clay is poised to set a new benchmark in the lending industry. By eliminating the traditional barriers associated with launching credit products, such as regulatory compliance and access to debt capital, this joint venture stands to significantly streamline the lending process. Companies, irrespective of their size, can now more efficiently introduce their branded lending offerings, fostering growth and innovation in the financial sector.

A Look Ahead

The strategic partnership is a testament to the shared vision of Pepper Advantage and Clay to drive innovation within the lending sector. As they continue to develop proprietary technologies and expand their services, the focus remains on increasing efficiency and broadening the scope of credit access. This transformative offering is not just a step forward for both companies but also a leap towards a more inclusive and technologically advanced lending landscape.


The joint venture between Pepper Advantage and Clay marks a significant milestone in the evolution of lending services. By combining advanced analytics, comprehensive credit management, and seamless integration of lending services, they are set to revolutionize the way companies offer credit to their customers. This collaboration underscores the potential of strategic partnerships to catalyze innovation and growth in the financial industry, promising a future where access to credit is more inclusive, efficient, and tailored to the needs of diverse clientele.

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