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Updraft’s Remarkable £272 Million Funding Round: A Leap Forward in Consumer Finance


In a significant development for the UK’s fintech landscape, Updraft, a consumer lending fintech firm, has announced a groundbreaking £272 million funding round. This move marks a pivotal step in Updraft’s journey, underscoring its commitment to transforming consumer financial habits and debt management.

Updraft: Redefining Consumer Lending

Company Overview

Founded in 2017 by Aseem Munshi, a former HSBC executive, Updraft stands out in the fintech sector with its unique approach to consumer lending. The company aims to assist UK households in moving away from high-interest credit cards and overdrafts, focusing on creating a healthier financial ecosystem for its users.

Innovative Financial Solutions

The core of Updraft’s mission lies in its innovative use of open banking and credit report data. By providing a comprehensive view of a customer’s financial situation, Updraft offers tailored recommendations and lending solutions to help consumers reduce high-interest debt.

Updraft, a UK Fintech company

The £272 Million Funding Round: A Detailed Look

Funding Breakdown

The £272 million funding comprises a £250 million forward flow arrangement with Jefferies and Santander Corporate and Investment Banking, and a £22 million mezzanine and equity portion. This funding structure is designed to bolster Updraft’s growth plans and extend its impact in the consumer lending market.

Growth and Expansion Plans

With this funding, Updraft intends to enhance its product offerings, expanding its reach to new customer segments. The focus is on turning borrowers into savers through value-added features, aligning with the company’s ethos of fostering financial wellness.

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Performance and Risk Management

A significant aspect of Updraft’s strategy involves using advanced risk models that outperform traditional credit risk models. By integrating bureau data, open banking data, and behavioral data, Updraft has developed a more efficient system for underwriting credit risk, thereby reducing the cost of credit for consumers.

Industry Perspective and Future Outlook

A Confident Step in a Challenging Market

Despite a cautious funding trend in the UK fintech sector, Updraft’s successful funding round is a testament to its robust business model and market potential. This achievement signals a strong end to 2023 and a promising start to 2024 for the company.

The Road Ahead for Updraft

Looking ahead, Updraft is set to reach profitability in 2024. The company’s commitment to financial innovation and consumer empowerment positions it as a leader in the fintech space, ready to redefine the norms of consumer lending.


Updraft’s latest funding round is more than just a financial milestone; it’s a bold statement in the world of consumer finance. By focusing on helping consumers transition from debt to savings, Updraft is not just growing its business; it’s changing lives.

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