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Spektr: Compliance Fintech Emerges from Stealth with €5 Million Funding

In the bustling city of Copenhagen, Denmark, a new fintech startup, Spektr, has made headlines with its groundbreaking approach to streamlining due diligence processes for financial institutions. Securing a significant €5 million in seed funding, Spektr aims to redefine the traditional, cumbersome due diligence activities with its cutting-edge, automated platform.

Journey from Stealth to Spotlight

Founding Vision: Spektr, founded by a team of seasoned entrepreneurs including CEO Mikkel Skarnager, Ciprian Florescu, Jérémy Joly, and Jan-Erik Wagner, emerged from stealth mode to unveil a platform designed to transform the financial sector’s ongoing due diligence operations.

Financial Backing: The startup’s launch was bolstered by a €5 million seed funding round, led by notable investors such as Northzone, PreSeed Ventures’ tech fund PSV Tech01, and Seedcamp. These investors have previously supported successful ventures, including HelloFlow, demonstrating strong confidence in Spektr’s potential.

Spektr: Pioneering Due Diligence Innovation with €5 Million Funding

Innovative Platform and Features

Automated Due Diligence: At the heart of Spektr’s offering is an automated solution for risk assessments. This platform is customizable to adhere to diverse rules and laws across various markets, promising a more efficient and cost-effective alternative to traditional manual methods.

Market Customization and No-Code Approach: Spektr distinguishes itself with a market-customizable, no-code approach to risk management, featuring an automation engine capable of resolving up to 95% of alerts. This innovation positions Spektr as a faster, safer, and more budget-friendly option for financial firms.

Impact and Potential

Transforming Compliance Operations: Spektr aims to make ongoing due diligence not only more efficient but also a function with commercial value for companies. By reducing the historically cost-heavy compliance operations, Spektr envisions a future where compliance is a better business, potentially saving large financial companies an estimated $10k per employee.

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Vision for the Future: With the support of its investors and the experience of its founding team, Spektr is on a path to become a category-defining company within the compliance space. The startup’s approach could significantly impact how financial institutions manage due diligence, making it a potential game-changer in the industry.

Challenges and Opportunities

Market Adoption: As with any disruptive technology, Spektr faces the challenge of market adoption. Convincing traditional financial institutions to transition to an automated, no-code platform for due diligence will require not only demonstrating the platform’s efficiency and cost-effectiveness but also ensuring regulatory compliance and data security.

Expansion and Scaling: With the seed funding, Spektr plans to expand its operations and scale its platform to cater to a broader range of financial institutions across Europe and beyond. The ability to customize the platform for different markets will be crucial in navigating the complex regulatory landscapes in various jurisdictions.


Spektr’s entry into the fintech space with its innovative due diligence platform represents a significant leap forward in automating and streamlining compliance operations. With a strong foundation, substantial funding, and a clear vision, Spektr is poised to make a lasting impact on the financial sector’s approach to due diligence.

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