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Rivero’s Remarkable Rise: Swiss FinTech’s $7M Boost for Global Expansion

Rivero, a Swiss-based FinTech company specializing in digitalization and automation of payment processes, recently made headlines with a successful $7 million Series A funding round. This strategic financial boost marks a significant step forward in the company’s expansion and development, especially in the challenging market conditions of the contemporary financial landscape.

Rivero’s Strategic Funding and Vision

The Series A funding round was led by 6 Degrees Capital and Inference Partners, with key contributions from Kraken Ventures, Seed X Liechtenstein, PostFinance’s venture arm, and Robert Kraal, former COO of Adyen. This blend of investors signifies a robust vote of confidence in Rivero’s business model and market potential.

Thomas Müller, co-founder and CEO of Rivero, expressed excitement about the funding, viewing it as a testament to the company’s strong business model and market demand for their products. The funding is not just financial but represents a partnership with investors who resonate with Rivero’s vision and global ambitions.

Rivero, a Swiss fintech company's logo

Innovative Products and Services

Rivero’s competitive edge lies in its unique SaaS product offerings – Kajo and Amiko. Kajo stands out as the only market solution for payment scheme compliance, simplifying the process for licensees of payment networks. Amiko, on the other hand, is the sole SaaS solution that digitalizes the entire fraud recovery and dispute process, thereby enabling issuing banks to efficiently manage these processes while offering a unique self-service experience to their customers.

These innovative products have already secured partnerships with over 20 well-established financial institutions, including issuing banks, acquiring banks, and payment processors. In 2022, Rivero further cemented its position by becoming the first Swiss FinTech selected for the Visa Fintech Partner Connect program.

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Global Market and Future Outlook

The investment will propel Rivero’s growth into new markets and enhance product development and workforce expansion. Industry experts believe Rivero is well-positioned to become a global market leader in payment operations. Its suite of payment solutions addresses a largely untapped opportunity in the payment value chain, particularly on the issuing side.


Rivero’s journey, marked by this Series A funding, is a testament to the company’s innovation and commitment to simplifying and revolutionizing payment operations. As the company gears up for its next phase of expansion, the FinTech industry watches with keen interest, anticipating Rivero’s potential impact on global payment infrastructure.

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