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Revolutionizing Payment Security: RHB and PayNet’s DuitNow QR Sound Box Initiative


In an era where digital transactions are becoming the norm, the RHB Banking Group and Payments Network Malaysia (PayNet) have taken a significant step towards enhancing payment security. The launch of the DuitNow QR Plug & Play sound box marks a pivotal moment in combating financial fraud and ensuring secure transactions for both consumers and merchants.

Background: The Need for Enhanced Payment Security

With the increasing reliance on cashless transactions, the risk of financial fraud has escalated. Instances of fake QR codes and fraudulent payment receipts have raised public concern about the security of digital payments. This scenario necessitates a robust solution to safeguard consumers and merchants against such scams.

DuitNow QR Sound Box Initiative by PayNet and RHB Group

The DuitNow QR Sound Box: A Solution to Financial Fraud

The DuitNow QR Plug & Play sound box, developed through the collaboration of RHB and PayNet, is an innovative response to the challenges posed by digital payment frauds. This electronic scam prevention tool is designed to integrate seamlessly into merchants’ point-of-sale systems, supporting both static and dynamic QR codes.

Key Features
  • Auditory and Visual Alerts: Upon a successful DuitNow transfer, the sound box emits an auditory alert and a visual display, confirming the receipt of the correct payment amount by the merchant.
  • Integration with Point-of-Sale Systems: The device can be easily integrated into existing sales systems, making it a convenient addition to the merchants’ payment process.
  • Support for Static and Dynamic QR Codes: This flexibility enhances its applicability across various transaction types.
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DuitNow QR Sound Box Initiative by PayNet and RHB Group

Implementation and Impact

The initial deployment of the DuitNow QR sound box is targeted towards micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in suburban areas from December 2023. This will be expanded to include businesses with higher transaction volumes, such as F&B outlets, grocery stores, night markets, and various retailers, from January 2024.

Potential Benefits
  • Enhanced Security: Merchants and consumers receive real-time confirmation of legitimate transactions, reducing the risk of fraud.
  • Encouragement of Cashless Transactions: The added security layer is expected to boost confidence in digital payments.
  • Inclusive Financial Ecosystem: The initiative aligns with Malaysia’s Digital Economy Blueprint, aiming to create a digital environment that is trusted, secure, and ethical.


The DuitNow QR Plug & Play sound box is more than just a technological advancement; it’s a step towards creating a more secure and inclusive digital economy in Malaysia. By addressing the critical issues of payment security and financial fraud, RHB and PayNet are setting a new standard in the digital payment landscape.

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