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Revolutionizing Business Finance in Australia: The Parpera and Emu Money Alliance

In an era where financial fluidity is paramount for businesses, two Australian fintech innovators, Parpera and Emu Money, have joined forces to redefine the landscape of business finance. This partnership heralds a significant leap towards simplifying access to financial services for businesses, blending Parpera’s comprehensive financial ecosystem with Emu Money’s forward-thinking lending solutions.

The Genesis of Innovation

  • Parpera: Founded in April 2020, Parpera has emerged as a beacon of innovation in the fintech sector. With a mission to offer fair and transparent financial solutions, it caters to the needs of small business owners, freelancers, and entrepreneurs. The Parpera app, launched in collaboration with Wise on June 29, 2023, provides a suite of services including digital business accounts, a business debit Mastercard, and tools for invoicing, payments, cash flow, and tax management all in one platform​​.
  • Emu Money: A newcomer to the financial scene, Emu Money has quickly distinguished itself with a unique approach to online lending. Co-founded by Moula’s former Chief Marketing Officer, the platform draws inspiration from the resilience and progress symbolized by its namesake, the Emu. Emu Money stands out by offering connections to over 40+ Australian lenders, providing a wide array of lending products tailored to the diverse needs of individuals and businesses​​​​.
Parpera Emu Money business alliance

Bridging Gaps, Building Futures

This collaboration between Parpera and Emu Money is not just a partnership but a confluence of visions aimed at empowering businesses with the right financial tools to thrive. By integrating Emu Money’s lending services into the Parpera marketplace, users gain unparalleled access to financial solutions like Asset Finance, Equipment Finance, and Working Capital Finance, simplifying the journey towards business growth and financial sustainability.

  • Holistic Financial Ecosystem: Parpera’s platform, renowned for its holistic approach, now encompasses an even broader spectrum of financial services, enabling businesses to access crucial funding with ease. This integration is a testament to Parpera’s dedication to creating a comprehensive financial platform that caters to the banking, administrative, and broader financial needs of its members​​​​.
  • Empowering with Ease and Clarity: Both Parpera and Emu Money prioritize the user experience, striving to make the lending process as accessible and transparent as possible. The collaboration ensures that businesses can confidently navigate their financing options, understand the terms, and choose the best solutions to fit their needs​​​​.
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Looking Ahead: A Future of Financial Empowerment

The partnership between Parpera and Emu Money is more than just a business deal; it’s a step towards redefining the way businesses interact with finance. By offering a seamless integration of lending options into the Parpera app, this alliance paves the way for a future where financial solutions are more accessible, empowering businesses across Australia to reach their full potential.


The collaboration between Parpera and Emu Money is a game-changer for the Australian fintech landscape, promising a future where business finance is simpler, more accessible, and tailored to the needs of modern enterprises. This partnership is not only a milestone for the companies involved but a beacon of progress for the entire industry, marking a significant advance towards financial empowerment for businesses of all sizes.

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