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Pleo’s Strategic Shift: Appointing a New CFO in Preparation for an IPO


Pleo, a prominent Danish fintech firm, recently made headlines by appointing a new Chief Financial Officer (CFO), a move signaling its readiness for an Initial Public Offering (IPO). This decision marks a significant stride in Pleo’s journey towards greater market expansion and financial maturity.

Pleo’s Evolution and Market Position

Founded in Copenhagen in 2015, Pleo has carved a niche in the fintech sector by offering a comprehensive platform linked to a company-branded card. This innovative service enables businesses to efficiently track and manage their spending and expenses. Valued at $4.7 billion, Pleo stands as a formidable competitor in the fintech space, rivaling entities like SAP’s Concur, Brex, Soldo, and Spendesk. The company has raised over $434 million in funding, backed by prominent investors like Coatue, Bain Capital Ventures, Thrive Capital, Creandum, and Seedcamp​​​​.

Pleo, a prominent Danish fintech firm

The New CFO: Soren Westh Lonning

The new CFO, Soren Westh Lonning, brings over two decades of experience in financial services. His previous tenures include significant roles at Chr. Hansen, WS Audiology, and Danish Endurance. Notably, Lonning’s stint as CFO at Chr. Hansen, a leading Danish food company valued over $10 billion, showcases his capability to navigate a company through complex financial landscapes. His appointment is viewed as a strategic maneuver to enhance Pleo’s financial strategies during a period of intense growth and market expansion​​​​.

Lonning’s Strategic Vision

Lonning’s approach focuses on propelling Pleo towards enhanced profitability and maturity, despite challenging macroeconomic conditions. He emphasizes the strategic use of data for better business decisions and investments, aiming for global adoption of Pleo’s services. His vision includes balancing rapid growth with the changing dynamics of the tech and fintech industries​​​​.

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IPO Aspirations and Market Speculations

Recent developments, including Lonning’s appointment, have sparked speculation about Pleo’s potential IPO. The company’s CEO, Jeppe Rindom, acknowledges Pleo’s maturity and the prudence of considering a public offering. However, he clarifies that the primary focus remains on business expansion and enhancing customer service, with an eventual IPO potentially slated for 2025. This strategic planning is indicative of Pleo’s commitment to positioning itself as a robust entity in the fintech arena​​​​.


Pleo’s appointment of a new CFO marks a pivotal moment in its corporate trajectory, clearly aligning with its ambitions for an IPO and future growth. The company’s strategic decisions reflect a keen understanding of the evolving fintech landscape and its potential for expansion and innovation.

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