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Paysend Secures $65M in Landmark Funding for Global Financial Inclusion

Paysend, a pioneering fintech company based in London, has recently secured a staggering $65 million in fresh funding. This financial influx marks a significant step forward in the company’s mission to revolutionize international money transfers for both consumers and businesses.

Paysend logo used for the news story where they secured $65 million funding

Paysend’s Vision and Growth

Established in April 2017, Paysend has rapidly expanded its global reach, now facilitating money transfers in over 180 countries. With more than eight million registered users, the company has carved a niche in providing a seamless cross-border payment experience.

The Essence of the Funding Round

The recent funding round, led by Mastercard and joined by strategic investments from brands like TelevisaUnivision, underscores the confidence in Paysend’s innovative approach. Existing investors, including Infravia Growth Capital, One Peak, and Hermes GPE Innovation Fund, also reaffirmed their commitment to Paysend’s vision.

Strategic Partnerships and Expansion

Central to Paysend’s growth strategy are its partnerships with global financial giants like Mastercard, Visa, and China UnionPay. The collaboration with Mastercard focuses on enhancing the Open Payments Network (OPN), aimed at empowering small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with efficient cross-border payment capabilities.

Empowering SMEs through OPN

The OPN initiative is particularly significant for SMEs, offering near real-time transactions by leveraging local network partners and instant payment schemes. This initiative is poised to streamline processes and enhance financial accessibility in the $133 trillion cross-border payments solution space.

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Collaboration with TelevisaUnivision

The partnership with TelevisaUnivision, the world’s largest Spanish language media company, targets the lucrative USA-Latin America money-transfer corridors. This collaboration is expected to significantly increase Paysend’s visibility and reach within the Hispanic community in the US.

Technological Advancements and Customer Benefits

Paysend’s approach leverages advanced technologies to facilitate real-time transactions, a feature that sets it apart from traditional banking infrastructures. This advancement in technology not only offers cost advantages but also significantly enhances service speed.

Fostering Financial Inclusion

A noteworthy aspect of Paysend’s strategy is its commitment to financial inclusion. Collaborations with Visa and other partners aim to serve millions of unbanked and underserved customers, particularly in cash-heavy economies, thereby expanding the benefits of the digital financial system to a broader audience.

Future Outlook and Impact

Paysend’s $65 million funding round builds upon the success of its previous $125 million Series B round in 2021, underlining the company’s rapid expansion and the market’s confidence in its innovative solutions. This investment is a testament to Paysend’s vision of building a best-in-class cross-border solution for businesses and consumers, simplifying money transfer for everyone.

Paysend’s latest funding round is not just a financial milestone but a beacon of change in the global fintech landscape. With its innovative approach and strategic partnerships, Paysend is poised to redefine the way money is transferred across borders, benefiting millions worldwide.

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