Digital Banking Evolution: InvesTex Credit Union and Bankjoy’s Collaborative Leap


In a strategic move to enhance their digital banking experience, InvesTex Credit Union has joined forces with fintech company Bankjoy. This collaboration marks a significant leap in providing comprehensive digital banking solutions to InvesTex members, signaling a new era in online and mobile banking services.

Background: InvesTex Credit Union

Founded in 1952 as Aldine Teachers Credit Union, InvesTex Credit Union has a long-standing history of offering quality service and fostering financial well-being among its members. Over the years, the credit union has experienced significant growth, managing assets over $250 million. InvesTex’s commitment to its members’ quality of life and financial health has been a constant driving force behind its operations and growth​​​​.

The Partnership with Bankjoy

Bankjoy, a U.S.-based fintech company, is renowned for its innovative banking solutions. The partnership between InvesTex Credit Union and Bankjoy aims to revolutionize the digital banking experience for InvesTex members. This collaboration will allow access to Bankjoy’s comprehensive digital banking platform, featuring a suite of mobile and online banking features, integrated loan applications, online account openings, and more​​​​.

Integration and Innovation

The integration of Bankjoy’s platform with InvesTex’s core processing system, Corelation KeyStone, is a significant aspect of this collaboration. This integration is expected to provide a seamless, secure, and user-friendly experience across all digital channels. Bankjoy is also the first official Corelation Certified Partner, a testament to their proficiency in digital banking solutions​​.

Bankjoy fintech logo

Vision and Growth

Keith Kearney, President and CEO of InvesTex Credit Union, emphasized the credit union’s enduring focus on member financial prosperity. The partnership with Bankjoy represents a strategic move to utilize modern digital tools to meet evolving member expectations. Michael Duncan, CEO of Bankjoy, highlighted the growing reliance on mobile banking apps and the need for credit unions to keep pace technologically. By 2025, the number of digital banking users is expected to surpass 216 million, underscoring the importance of this digital shift​​.

Bankjoy’s Recent Collaborations

Bankjoy has been actively expanding its reach through various partnerships. Recent collaborations include a strategic deal with BMA Banking Systems and a partnership with Plinqit to enhance savings habits and financial wellness among users. These partnerships demonstrate Bankjoy’s commitment to advancing the digital banking sector and its versatility in meeting diverse financial needs​​.


The InvesTex Credit Union and Bankjoy partnership is a significant step in digital banking evolution. By focusing on member-centric solutions and leveraging cutting-edge technology, InvesTex is poised to offer an unparalleled digital banking experience. This alliance not only benefits current members but also sets a precedent for future digital transformations in the credit union sector.

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