Foxe Capital Launch: A New Chapter in Fintech Investment Led by Industry Veteran Blader

A New Era in Fintech Investment

Ruth Foxe Blader, a formidable figure in the venture capital sphere, has embarked on a new journey with the launch of Foxe Capital. After a notable tenure at Anthemis Group, Blader, along with Kyle Perez and Sophie Winwood, is setting the stage for a global fintech investment spree.

Background: The Genesis of Foxe Capital

Foxe Capital marks a significant shift in Blader’s career, transitioning from her impactful role at Anthemis Group. Her vast experience, which includes leading investments in over 50 fintech startups such as Lemonade, Branch, and Elevate, lays the foundation for this new venture.

Strategic Direction: Focusing on Global Fintech

Foxe Capital is not just another investment firm. It signifies a strategic move towards independent investing, a vision Blader fostered during her time at Anthemis and through her co-founding of WVC:E, a global initiative for inclusion in venture capital.

Foxe Capital's founder Ruth Foxe Blader
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Operational Dynamics: The Initial Phase

Initially, Foxe Capital will operate under the umbrella of Anthemis, serving as a sub-advisor and managing the fund Blader was hired to run in 2017. The firm is set to transition into independent fundraising post the deployment of the existing capital.

Geographical Footprint: A Global Outlook

Based in New York City, Foxe Capital is not limited by geographical boundaries. Blader’s vision encompasses a global investment strategy, with the U.S. as the primary market and significant exposure in Europe, India, Cameroon, and Latin America.

Challenges and Trends: Navigating the Fintech Landscape

The venture capital environment, especially in fintech, is not without challenges. Anthemis Group, Blader’s former firm, underwent a restructuring phase, signaling the dynamic nature of the market. Blader’s move to Foxe Capital aligns with a growing trend of fintech-focused investors establishing independent firms.

Future Prospects: Charting a Path Forward

With the launch of Foxe Capital, Blader is poised to make a significant impact on the fintech investment landscape. The firm’s global strategy, coupled with Blader’s experience and vision, sets the stage for a new chapter in venture capital.


Foxe Capital stands at the forefront of the ever-evolving fintech investment domain. Under Ruth Foxe Blader’s leadership, the firm is destined to carve out a unique position in the global market, redefining the boundaries of venture capital.

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