CSI and Hawthorn River: Pioneering a New Era in Community Banking


In a strategic move to revolutionize loan processing for community banks, Computer Services, Inc. (CSI), a notable provider of financial software and technology, has acquired Hawthorn River. This acquisition marks a significant step towards enhancing loan origination capabilities, signaling a new era in fintech solutions tailored for community banks.

Background of the Acquisition

CSI, with its comprehensive technology platform encompassing core processing, digital banking, payments, and cybersecurity, identified Hawthorn River as a key player in the loan origination system (LOS) sector. Hawthorn River, founded in 2018, offers a unique, single-platform LOS designed exclusively for community banks. This acquisition builds on the existing commercial partnership between the two firms, aiming to strengthen their technical integration and expand their reach in the banking sector.

Hawthorn River company logo

Objectives and Benefits

  • Enhancing Loan Origination: The integration of Hawthorn River’s LOS into CSI’s platform aims to streamline loan processing for both consumer and commercial accounts. It adds critical functionality to CSI’s offerings, addressing the inefficiencies and technological lag in the lending processes of community banks.
  • Empowering Community Banks: The acquisition aligns with CSI’s mission to empower community banks, enabling them to scale and compete more effectively in the evolving financial landscape. It offers a solution to the disparity between the highly customized LOS solutions available for large financial institutions and the limited options for smaller community banks.
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The Significance for Community Banks

  • Single-Point Solution: Hawthorn River’s platform is the only single-point solution that caters to all loan types within one system, exclusively designed for community banks. This makes it a game-changer in the sector.
  • Strategic Partnerships and API Integrations: CSI plans to leverage this acquisition to deliver single-point loan origination solutions to non-CSI community banks through strategic channel partnerships and API integrations with other technology and service providers.

Founders’ Vision and Future Prospects

Jon Rigsby and Wayne Ferrell, founders of Hawthorn River, have expressed their commitment to developing and delivering lending solutions specifically for community banks. Their vision aligns with CSI’s goal of equipping community banks with the necessary tools and services to thrive in a modern banking environment. This synergy promises to bring transformative changes to community banking.


The acquisition of Hawthorn River by CSI is more than just a business transaction; it represents a significant step towards bridging the technological gap in the community banking sector. It is expected to bring about a paradigm shift in how community banks operate, positioning them better to face the challenges of an increasingly digital banking landscape.

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