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Corlytics Acquires Deloitte UK’s RegTech Platform to Enhance Regulatory Compliance Offerings

In a strategic move that underscores the rapidly evolving landscape of regulatory technology (RegTech), Corlytics, a Dublin-based leader in regulatory intelligence, has acquired a sophisticated digital RegTech platform from Deloitte UK. This acquisition is set to transform the regulatory management capabilities of financial institutions, enhancing how they adapt to and implement regulatory changes. This article delves into the implications of this acquisition for Corlytics and the RegTech industry at large.

Background of Companies Involved


Overview: Founded in 2013 by CEO John Byrne, Corlytics is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland. The company specializes in providing regulatory risk intelligence solutions, helping financial institutions, regulators, and their advisors navigate the complex landscape of compliance and regulation.

History: The journey of Corlytics began with a focus on bridging the gap between regulatory changes and operational implementation. Over the years, the company has expanded its reach, establishing offices in London, New York City, Boston, and Sydney. It has become a pivotal player in the RegTech field, known for its innovative approach to regulatory monitoring and compliance.

Customer Base: Corlytics serves a diverse range of clients, including 14 of the Top 50 global banks, as well as insurers, re-insurers, payment providers, and investment managers. This wide-reaching influence underscores its role as a critical tool in the financial sector’s ongoing efforts to meet stringent regulatory demands.

Deloitte UK RegTech Platform

Overview: The RegTech platform developed by Deloitte UK offers a comprehensive suite of services designed to enhance the way corporations manage, structure, and source compliance and regulatory changes. Known for its robust analytics and policy management tools, it assists firms in staying ahead of regulatory requirements with enhanced efficiency and accuracy.

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History with Corlytics: Deloitte UK has been leveraging Corlytics’ intelligent data solutions for over five years, which has set the stage for this acquisition. The integration of Deloitte’s platform with Corlytics’ offerings is expected to create a unified solution that addresses the full spectrum of regulatory challenges faced by modern financial entities.

Corlytics Expands Regulatory Technology Services with Acquisition of Deloitte UK Platform. This is a representational pick with just 'Regulatory' written on it

Details of the Acquisition

Timing and Location: The acquisition was formally announced in May 2024, marking a significant expansion in Corlytics’ capabilities and services. The announcement was made shortly after Corlytics received a significant investment from Verdane, which is expected to further accelerate the company’s growth and enhance its technological offerings.

Financial Aspects: Specific financial details of the acquisition have not been disclosed publicly. However, the strategic nature of the investment suggests that the terms were structured to benefit both Corlytics and Deloitte UK, leveraging the existing relationship and shared technological goals.

Strategic Objectives: The acquisition is aligned with Corlytics’ strategy to become the leader in the global RegTech space by enhancing its regulatory intelligence capabilities and expanding its service offerings. For Deloitte UK, divesting the RegTech platform allows it to streamline its operations and focus on its core areas of expertise, while still benefiting from the technological advancements through its ongoing relationship with Corlytics.

“This is a transformational acquisition for clients. The RegTech market is growing and evolving fast, and Corlytics is positioned at the forefront. We continue to seek opportunities for sustainable expansion and consolidation, and are thrilled to incorporate this Deloitte UK platform and associated team. Deloitte UK has been using our intelligent data for five years now, and I’m thrilled to take this relationship to the next level. Our ambition goes beyond intelligent data solutioning – we aim to establish a new horizon and set a new standard for how compliance is managed.”

Corlytics CEO John Byrne

Impact of the Acquisition

On Corlytics:

  • Service Enhancement: The integration of Deloitte UK’s RegTech platform will significantly enhance Corlytics’ ability to provide comprehensive regulatory compliance solutions. This includes advanced features for monitoring, managing, and implementing regulatory changes, which are crucial for financial institutions navigating the complex regulatory landscape.
  • Capability Expansion: With this acquisition, Corlytics will add considerable depth to its already robust regulatory technology suite. The new capabilities include improved data analytics, enhanced policy management tools, and a broader range of regulatory compliance services.
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On the Market:

  • Industry Implications: This acquisition positions Corlytics at the forefront of the RegTech industry, potentially reshaping market dynamics and setting new standards for regulatory compliance technologies. It also signals an increasing trend of consolidation in the RegTech sector, as firms strive to offer more integrated and comprehensive solutions.
  • Client Benefits: Existing and future clients of Corlytics will benefit from a more diverse suite of tools designed to simplify and strengthen compliance processes. This is particularly beneficial for global financial institutions that face diverse and evolving regulatory environments.

Future Outlook and Expansion Plans

Following its recent strategic acquisitions, Corlytics is poised for significant expansion in the regulatory technology (RegTech) sector. This growth is supported by a majority equity investment from Verdane, a specialist growth investor, as part of its newly raised €1.1 billion Edda III Fund. Verdane’s investment recognizes Corlytics as a category leader and consolidator in the RegTech industry, aiming to cement its global leadership position.

Short-term Goals:

  • Organic Growth and M&A Activity: Corlytics plans to accelerate its organic growth while continuing its strategy of strategic acquisitions. The partnership with Verdane is expected to provide the financial backing and expertise needed to pursue these goals actively.
  • Enhanced Product Offerings: Corlytics is focused on further developing its ‘intelligent content’ offerings that combine data, software, and AI to lead in providing cutting-edge regulatory compliance solutions.

Long-term Strategic Aims:

  • Global Expansion: The company aims to expand its reach beyond its current markets, targeting more global Tier 1 financial institutions and extending its presence in the United States and Europe.
  • Technological Leadership: Corlytics continues to innovate in the space of regulatory compliance, planning to introduce more advanced AI-driven tools and solutions that can seamlessly integrate into the existing regulatory frameworks of large financial institutions.
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Key Personnel Movements

The recent investment and strategic moves have also led to significant changes in Corlytics’ leadership structure, aimed at steering the company through its next growth phases:

Leadership Additions and Changes:

  • Simon Russell, New Chair: Simon Russell joins Corlytics as the new Chair of the Board. With nearly 30 years of experience in software advisory and technology investment banking, his expertise will be crucial in guiding Corlytics’ acquisition strategy and expansion plans.
  • Continued Leadership of John Byrne: Founder and CEO John Byrne continues to lead Corlytics, driving the company’s vision of regulatory innovation and expansion. His leadership has been pivotal in Corlytics’ rise as a key player in the RegTech sector.
  • Board Enhancements: The expansion of the board with experts from diverse backgrounds aims to enrich the strategic decision-making process at Corlytics, ensuring that the company remains at the forefront of regulatory technology innovation.


The acquisition of Deloitte UK’s RegTech platform by Corlytics is more than a mere expansion of services—it is a strategic enhancement that positions Corlytics to lead the RegTech industry with more comprehensive and advanced solutions. By incorporating Deloitte’s technologies, Corlytics aims to address the complex challenges faced by global financial institutions more effectively.

This deal not only enhances Corlytics’ product offerings but also significantly impacts the broader RegTech market, setting new standards for regulatory compliance and management. The positive feedback from industry experts underscores the potential for this acquisition to improve efficiency and regulatory adherence for financial services providers, thus shaping the future of regulatory compliance processes.

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