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Empowering Indonesian SMEs: The Innovative Collaboration of Aspire, Meta, and Bank Aladin


In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Indonesia are gaining a significant boost through a groundbreaking collaboration between Aspire, Meta (formerly Facebook), and Bank Aladin. This partnership marks a pivotal step towards enhancing the digital presence and financial management of Indonesian SMEs, aiming to revolutionize the way these businesses operate and grow in the digital domain.

A Tripartite Collaboration for Enhanced Digital Presence

The synergy between these three entities brings together Aspire’s financial expertise, Meta’s extensive digital reach, and Bank Aladin’s innovative banking solutions, especially in line with Sharia principles. This collaboration is primarily focused on easing the financial processes for SMEs, especially in digital advertising on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. The initiative aims to tackle the challenges SMEs face in digital advertising, offering them a streamlined approach to finance and marketing.

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Bank Aladin’s Role: Financial Backbone for SMEs

Bank Aladin steps in with productive loans tailored for SMEs, aiming to simplify their financial operations and provide a distinct separation from their personal finances. The Chief Commercial Officer of Bank Aladin Syariah, Stefen Loekito, emphasizes the bank’s commitment to support the MSME sector in line with Sharia financial principles, ensuring banking convenience and efficient access for these enterprises.

Aspire: Simplifying Financial Management

Aspire’s role is pivotal in this collaboration, offering a 1% cashback on all advertising expenditures made through their corporate card. The Aspire spend management platform ensures transparency in financial activities, providing effective management and oversight for businesses. This includes a range of financial solutions like payables and receivables management, and payment gateway services.

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Meta’s Contribution: Expanding Digital Reach

Meta, under the leadership of Head of Industry Aldo Rambie, aligns this collaboration with its vision for innovation and extensive platform reach. With data showing significant ad reach of Facebook and Instagram in Indonesia, Meta’s involvement is crucial in supporting SMEs to expand their digital presence and connect with a broader audience.

Impact and Potential

This collaboration has the potential to reshape the landscape for SMEs in Indonesia. By addressing pain points like funding and digital marketing, SMEs can now access more effective tools and resources to maximize their business potential. The partnership is seen as a key to unlocking the online presence of MSMEs and expanding their market reach, contributing to Indonesia’s economic growth.


The partnership between Aspire, Meta, and Bank Aladin represents a significant stride towards empowering Indonesian SMEs in the digital era. By addressing the essential needs of financing and digital marketing, this collaboration sets the stage for a more vibrant and inclusive digital economy, paving the way for SMEs to thrive in an increasingly digital world.

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