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Empowering Financial Wellness: The Cogo-Moneyhub Collaboration


In an innovative move, Cogo and Moneyhub have joined forces to revolutionize the way banks and financial institutions approach ethical, sustainable, and financial wellness products. This collaboration is a response to the growing need for financial products that not only benefit the consumer financially but also positively impact the environment.

The Partnership

Cogo, a sustainability-focused fintech, and Moneyhub, an award-winning data and payments platform, have embarked on a mission to aid banks in developing financial products that are both ethical and sustainable. This partnership targets the heart of customer financial wellness, intertwining it with the increasingly crucial aspect of environmental responsibility​​.

The Vision

The core of this partnership lies in the shared vision of both companies – to induce positive change through data utilization. With an emphasis on educating customers about the financial and carbon impacts of their lifestyle choices, particularly in the current cost-of-living crisis, the collaboration aims to guide consumers towards more sustainable financial decisions​​.

Cogo-Moneyhub Collaboration

The Strategy

One of the first initiatives of this partnership is to address the educational needs of customers facing the cost-of-living crisis. With the prices of energy, fuel, and food soaring, these are also the areas contributing significantly to an individual’s carbon footprint. The Cogo-Moneyhub collaboration seeks to assist banks in advising their customers on reducing both financial strain and environmental impact​​.

Global Reach and Impact

Cogo, already partnering with 20 banks globally, aims to double this number in the coming year. Moneyhub boasts partnerships with over 100 financial institutions worldwide, marking the substantial potential reach and influence of this collaboration​​.

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Broader Implications

The intersection of financial wellness and environmental sustainability is gaining traction. Studies reveal a growing consumer inclination towards greener lifestyle choices, despite financial constraints. Banks, thus, are positioned uniquely to promote sustainable behavior and offer products like green loans, mortgages, and bonds that align with this shift​​.

Additional Partnerships

Furthering its commitment to sustainability, Cogo has also partnered with Eliq, specializing in energy data, to help banking customers make their homes more energy-efficient. This partnership is designed to assist in addressing fuel poverty and support banks in offering tailored financing for home energy efficiency improvements​​.


The Cogo-Moneyhub partnership marks a significant step towards integrating financial wellness with environmental consciousness in banking products. By leveraging data and technology, they aim to guide consumers and institutions towards more sustainable financial behaviors, creating a ripple effect of positive change across the financial and environmental landscapes.

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