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Bowen Fintech’s Bold Leap: Acquiring Japanese Crowdfunding Giant MOH

In a bold strategic move, Bowen Fintech PLC, a notable player in the financial technology sector, has announced its agreement to acquire a majority stake in Minnadeooyasan-Hanbai Co Ltd (MOH), a Japanese firm specializing in real estate crowdfunding. This decision marks a significant step in Bowen’s expansion and diversification strategy, reflecting the company’s vision for future growth and innovation.

Overview of Bowen Fintech

Bowen Fintech, a company listed in London, has been actively seeking opportunities to extend its reach in the global fintech market. The acquisition of MOH aligns with Bowen’s mission to innovate and lead in the financial technology sector.

MOH: A Strategic Target

MOH, based in Tokyo, has established itself as a key player in the real estate crowdfunding arena. The company has demonstrated its prowess by successfully facilitating substantial capital raisings and generating impressive financial results.

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Key Achievements and Financials

  • In the financial year ending March 31, MOH raised a significant amount of capital through its platform.
  • MOH recorded robust earnings and revenue, showcasing its financial stability and growth potential.

Expansion Plans

MOH has outlined ambitious plans for expanding its services. Key areas of focus include:

  • Funding innovative real estate projects like advanced cold-chain logistics facilities.
  • Developing state-of-the-art medical centers.
  • Revitalizing traditional cultural parks.
  • Exploring opportunities in sophisticated cold-chain logistics infrastructure, not only in Japan but also in ASEAN countries and beyond.

The Acquisition Deal

The acquisition agreement entails Bowen Fintech purchasing a substantial percentage of MOH’s shares, with a considerable amount being invested in new Bowen shares. This deal is expected to lead to a significant increase in Bowen Fintech’s market capitalization.

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Deal Dynamics

  • The majority owner of MOH, Kyosei Bank Co Ltd, will hold a major stake in the shares, with existing Bowen shareholders retaining a smaller percentage.
  • The transaction is classified as a reverse takeover, leading to the temporary suspension of Bowen’s shares from trading in London, pending the completion of the acquisition and subsequent readmission.

Implications and Forward Outlook

This acquisition is anticipated to bring transformative changes to both Bowen Fintech and MOH. The synergy of Bowen’s technological prowess and MOH’s niche in real estate crowdfunding presents a promising outlook for both entities.

Strategic Benefits

  • The acquisition will enable Bowen to diversify its portfolio and expand its footprint in the Asian market.
  • MOH’s proven track record in crowdfunding and real estate investments offers Bowen a solid platform for growth.

Challenges and Opportunities

While the acquisition presents numerous opportunities, it also comes with its set of challenges. Navigating regulatory landscapes, integrating different corporate cultures, and expanding in highly competitive markets will be crucial for the success of this venture.


Bowen Fintech’s acquisition of MOH is a significant milestone in the company’s journey towards becoming a global fintech leader. The strategic foresight in choosing MOH as a partner demonstrates Bowen’s commitment to innovation and growth in the fintech sector. As the companies embark on this new chapter, the financial technology landscape eagerly anticipates the impact of this union.

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